Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas with Crystal!

Christmastime is RIGHT around the corner! i love it! i love the feeling that is in the air! Everyone is more open to hear about the Savior and to learn of His life. I love so much the songs of the Saviors birth! aahh.. i love it. we had a Christmas singing thing at the church yesterday and we had different churches come to sing at the stake center- it was beautiful and deffinately brought the spirit! we sang 2 peices and it was pretty good if i do say so myself! As i was there listening to members of another religion sing- i thought to myself.. WOW, i am on a MISSION for the church. I am representing Christ in all i do.. what a calling! I love it. anyhow. there was a little girl age 6 and her brother age 8, she sang and he played the violin to The Primary 'Nativity song". it was the most tender thing ever. I my eyes welled up with tears as i heard her sweet little voice sing of the Saviors birth.. a child so small, so young and sweet being taught about He who made everything possible.. i love it! *sigh*.. ive been learning SO much recently! the Lord is blessing me and this area so much! Ive been really learning how to set goals and how to be a better person. Im really working on being dignified and the Lord helps me keep that in mind with the things i say and with each of my actions.. it really helps keeping our goals and what we can become in mind! I read Alma 26 and ALma 29 today in studies and really loved the love and dedication Alma and Ammon have to the lord and to the gospel. i love that they dont boast in themselves, but of the Lord.. how they were so excited and filled iwth so much joy to see their friends, families and the people around them accept and act on the gospel! what ablessing that would be! i love it! please read those chapters and PONDER them!
Since its Christmastime, lets really think about the blessing in our lives and the reason WHY we celebrate this WoNDERFUL holiday! lets make sure we give to others.. not only gifts, but our time and our love! what a greater gift- there is none that we can give! I love how the Lord works- he makes the best things in life FREE.. free to those who want to partake of them.. he wants us to be happy and feel loved.. all we have to do is follow Him! follow His example! i love it!.

So i dont have a lot of time.. BUT here are so random things going on here.. 1. Emily Frame- im sorry im a terrible friend.. i need to write you TODAY and send it out TODAY. but dont worry. i still love you!
2. the weather here has been COLD. its average is about -30 daily.. it was -42 last night :/ ssoo cold.. but we bundle warm. oh man. if you only saw the clothes i wear.. i have this HUGE knit wool sweater that loooks like old grandpa carpet, a HUGE black skirt that looks like towel material, 2 scarves, HUGE coat HUGE boots and 2 sweaters under the carpet one.. oh yeah i looked GOOD. my companion just laughs at me! haha. i had to get gear from the thift stores so its all mis matched but super warm- the days we dont have appointments- that is my outfit! ahha.. it keeps me warm thats all i care about.. its so funny though to see me! haha. i seriously look like the kid off a christmas story! if you havent seen it, you need to. OH so we went out contacting last night and i wore my glasses, NOT a good idea- yeah they frosted over and i had to SCRAPE the frost off.. hahah.. and we walked for about 20 minutes and just after that small amount of time there was frost in our hair, frozen boogers, and white frost eyelashes.. haha. dont worry- we took pictures.. its ridiculous though. I LOVE IT!
sister Price is so great! we work so well together! i love her so much! the lords really blessed me! shes a great example! we are going to see success for sure here and i will learn so much from her! shes fearless!
k i better go. thank you so much for all of your help, love and support! i truly appreciate it! i wish i could send letters and pictures to everyone everyweek.. but ill probably get carpaltunnel if i attempt that.. so ill be safe and email- teehhhee..
i know that God lives. I know that the atonements real and that we can be healed and bettered through it. i know that the book of mormon is TRUE.. every word in it is true. i know that Joseph smith was a prophet and gave his life so we could have a better life though the gospel. i know that the lord loves all of us and will answer our prayerS!
i know im where the lord needs me to be. i know that people will be blessed for my efforts when they obey the commandments of the Lord. I love you!
take care- love sister Horning

Monday, December 7, 2009

Letter from c gail Dec07,2009

What is going on? How come its December already and I truned 23 yesterday!?! seriously time is FLYING by so fast- its outrageous! anyhow.. Its only snowed a bit and not a ton of it has stayed- you can still see the ground! AND i dont have to get boots yet- i can still wear my shoes! haha. so thats good! its was -20 (plus wind chill) out today and in another part of the mission, colder than that! yikes.. but its alright.. im SLOWLY getting used to it! bah. so I love the mission SO much. this is truly one of the top 3 BEST descisions i have made thus far in my life.. Everyday that passes i find myself having a greater love and understanding for the Gospel, Christs atonement and the purpose of life! i love it! i know the book of Mormon is TRUE. i know Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that with his 3rd grade education he could NOT have been able to "write" the book of mormon, just translate it with no other power than the Lords hand.. I know that we will find the greatest happiness EVER through our families and the gospel of jesus Christ. I know that the Lord loves all of us so mucha nd he will NEVER give up on us! I know the church will be spread to all nations and everyone will get the wonderful chance of hearing and learing about our dear Savior Christ and His eternal Atonement! I know that This is the best time of year! TO rejoice and to be with family, friends- remembering our Dear Saviors Birth! what a blessing! i was listening to the Christmas devotional last night and i love the names they refer to- they shall call Him WONDERFUL, PRINCE OF PEACE, KING OF KING, LORD OF LORDS.. i seriuosly tear up thinking about how great and humble Christ is and was.. i love love love the phrase "every knee shall bow, every tounge confess that Christ has come as Lord and king!" i love that. how true. Christ has done so much for us. we are only made whole through HIM! i love in the Bible in Mark chp. 5- it talks about the woman with an issue of blood. she had medical condition where she bled for 12 years straight (the number 12 is whole, complete- total.. 12 apostles ect).. theres a lot in the history and background to this story- people thought her to be "unclean" and whatever eslse anyhow.. she tried SO hard looking for a "cure" here on earth.. then she sees Christ and knows she just needs touch his coat for her to be made whole.. and she is once she does!! just like us.. we just need to "touch" a bit of Christ for us to be made whole! there is no other place we will find a greater PURE happiness.. only through our Savior Jesus Christ. I love that! I hope you all think about the TRUE meaning of Christmas.. people try to distract us with gifts and glitz.. but really.. family and the true meaning of Christmas is what its all about..
SO i was thinking about the gospel in the world and how it will be so exciting for the WHOLE world to hear about Christ! i love it! lets all SPREAD THE WORLD! we have so many blessings- lets share what we haev and give to those in need- nbt only the needy in physical things- but those that NEED the gospel- that are " kept from the truth because they know not where to find it" somewhere in D&c
Read Mosiah 4 it talks about giving to those in need. i love it!

BAH i need to go.. but here are a few crazy things from this week.
1. i have a bigger and fatter lip because i got hit in the face today by a ball!
2. Alexandra got baptized and confirmed!! AND bore her testimony on sunday- it was SOO beautiful!
3. alexandra and edward got engaged TODAY- and took me to sushi for my birthday! YUM
4. Stef is taking me to dinner for my birthday- tonight
5. i had a cake (from Stef- love her spank her butt)- and s. sullivan and i put matches on it due to there being NO candles
6. WE GOT TRANSFER CALLS 2 DAYS EARLY!!!! im staying in YSA!! and s. sullivan is getting transfered.. my new companion is sister Price.. i am SSSOO excited! i heard shes super intense and really really hard worker! I am so excited! this area is going to BOOM! i love it- ps her x comp told me she once knocked on a cars window as they were backing up and started to teach them from there! hahaha.. crazy. i LOVE it. and im so excited to learn from her!
7. theres still grass on the ground- even though its freezing!
k i gotta go! il ove you all so much! i will let you know dad when i receive your gift~! thank you so much!
you are all in my prayers! i love love love you!
take care and ill write to you next week!
OH and mom or Celeste- i dont know if this will be too much to ask.. but in the boxes i put at celestes house- theres a box that says snowboard gear or coat or hoodie or something.. and one wiht my snbowboard jacket.. and a BIG white zip up hoodie.. if you know where they are, would you send them to me? if not thats ok! i wanted them for the fall/spring time when its too cold for a sweater.. but i can make due and./or find something else if needs be! DONT go through stuff if its too much trouble!!! k love you! write me!
sister horning

Monday, November 30, 2009

What the heck it's almost December!!

What is going on.. seriously. the time is FLYING. anyhow.. this email will be "flying" because we have a baptism to get to soon! yikes.. well.. story goes.. ALEXANDRA IS GETTING BAPTIZED! well actuallly not until the 5th.. but im still excited- the interview went perfect! so this week has been insane.. this morning i woke up to do laundy and in my Gs only bag i found something odd.. hhmm.. HOT PINK G-Units (apostate i know). I dont know what happened.. but i washed a pair a few nights ago and then they were a bit wet and but them with the others.. what in the world. i didnt know it would dye all my stuff pinK!!! what the.. so i had to throw out FOUR pairs of underclothes!! SO sad.. so yes. thats what i would like for christmas! haha.. the cotton ones.. anyways.. sad day.. but then this week i saw a guy walking out of his home- he was wearing a sweater, beard, BIG green doc martin type boots, and SKIN TIGHT flesh colored thermals- that look like tights... so weird.. and he was wearing a HUGE grin.. he was just LOVING life.. so of course i snapped a shot- but its blurry:( boo. anyhow.
That was exciting.. so some folks asked me what i want for christmas.. sorry i have to make this email short- i have a baptism in 2 minutes!
but i want (if anything.. if nothing then please dont stress it! i stil love you!)
Terriaky beef jerky
uniball jetstream pens (the dont freeze in the winter! so i can write!)
post it notes- all colors, shapes and sizes
warm thick tights- solid colors or argyle -sp
Raffaello Candies.
and that it no time goota go. love you! sister horning

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Comments from the COLD by Sister Horning!

Hello Hello!!! Seriously.. WHERE is time going? i dont even know.. Its already Monday again! AND the middle of November! what in the WORLD!! well- Life is going well! i love love love the mission so much! here are a FEW updates- Alexandra is getting baptized Dec. 5th- yes, the day before my birthday!! i wanted to have it on my birthday, but its a Sunday- so i settled for the day before! I am SSOO excited for her! she is a miracle! shes the one that met with us and told us she was atheist and that she ONLy came to church to support her member boyfriend.. we have been working with her over the last 2 months or so and she has progressed SSOO much! we had a meeting with her and the day was going TERRIBLE up to that point.. well not so terrible! I received a package from my WONDERFUL homeward filled with outterwear goods! they are ssoo sweet- thanks Chelse, Bishop and ward! so that really made my day wonderful.. but before then was bad. i mean really bad. Sister Sullivan and I got into a HUGE argument and it was just really bad (but it turned out well in the end).. so we were just calming down and trying to invite the spirit when Alexandra walks in- tells us she needs to tell us something before we begin teaching.. "I want to get baptized" she calmly states!! YES!!! so that made our night/day for SURE! WHAT a blessing! shes SSOO excited to get baptised and take the steps to come closer to Christ.. AH.. i love the Gospel! hhmm.. once again- nothing too great or out of the "norm" has happend here recently.. WELL.. except that we had 4 people to church on Sunday and we had 15 lessons with members/return appointments- which is both way better than we usually do! so we can see this area grown and progress. i love it so much! the Lord really does bless us. we havent worked ANY harder this week- yet the Lord has been preparing people! sssoo good. OH- we met Kelci- shes a LOVElY young lady who plays volley ball for team Canada- so if Canada goes to the Olymics for Vball- she will be one of the ones playing! IN-tense.. shes a member and ssoo cute and ultra sweet! i love her! we have been talking a lot with the members about missionary work and inviting their friends.. i hope you are all being wonderful missionaries and inviting others to come closer to Christ! Members HoNESTLY make the biggest difference in peoples lives!
Well. i better go now.. I love you all! thanks again for everything you have done! please keep me updated wtih pictures, letters and emails! Erica- ill send you a CD with pictures thus far on my mission- please add some on here so people can see them- ONLYif you have time.. thank you for all you do!
love you!
Love sSister Horning

Friday, November 13, 2009

Another week, another email from ME!!

Hey hey! HOw is life in the states Eh!? things are so good here! we are working hard and the lord is really blessing us! we are working more with the memebers and expressing the importance of FELLOWSHIPPING people! be a friend to EVERYONE.. seriously. this is the best thing you can do! we have been workinng with a few investigators- SSOO good.. we are seeing progress in all of them! YES i love it! the area is really starting to BOOm. President Paulson is really really on top of things here.. he truly is inspired! I love the mission and the blessings the lord POURS out on us! i wish i had a ton of time to write- but i dont.. hey its ok- my thoughts are pretty blank as it is! well. i am so greatful to be here on a mission. i see myself improve daily! the lord really will answer our prayers and help us be or give us opportunities to be the people we want to be! I love it! I know this church is true and the leaders are truly inspired by the lord. i know the gospel will change our lives- please follow it! Thank you for helping me get here.. OH! if anyone will be SO kind and get some addresses for me- check my facebook page or something and email these people and ask for their addresses- i would GREATLY appreciate it!!
Shae Tandy, Brook Jacobson, Stephanie Robie, Ashleigh Miller, Sandra Renton, Brandy Jensen..
Please give me their addresses! I really would love to talk to them! Thanks again! enjoy Thanksgiving.. we already had ours here :(
hahah.. love you!
love Sister horning

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello, Hello, Hello from Crystal!

This week has FLOWN by.. I cant even believe its Monday again!! YIKES.. well a ton has gone on- first off.. we met this man and woman- Sis. Reynders was teaching her.. and I stayed back to talk to the ol' chap.. Picture him- Native- tall, old (er), and his hair SLICKED back JUST like Elvis'.. it was great.. plus sunglasses and he was wearing skinny jeans- no joke.. and high tops.. i LOVE him.. so i start talking to him about Christ- and he goes off about how he has his Lord with him always.. and hes telling me about how he smokes the weed- its good because its from God.. then how he can see God when he smokes the weed God gave him- right. then he starts moving around all swift like- and tells me he can run miles, do ANYTHING anyone can do- how hes 60 but has the engery and strength of a 25 year old- which was true.. THEN he busts out and does a FLYING SCISSOR kick HIGH in the air!! no joke.. it was SSOO good.. i just wish i had my camera to capture this magical moment.. ugh.. then about 20 minutes of our wonderful discussion- he pulls out one of those lil orange bibles they used to pass out at my elementary school, and tells me has always has his Lord with him- he shows me a picture of Christ- its one of our Finding Faith in Christ passalong cards we hand out! i tell him those are the cards we hang out- he told me its for him- not ours.. and that he was walking down the street in Ellice (a BUSY part of town), and it was on a step- tons of people walked pass it, but it was meant for HIM.. how neat huh!? well.. then he kisses the picture and told me how he kisses his Lord everyday.. haha.. so cute.. then a bit later his lady friend leaves and hes still talking to me about how the Salvation Army is a rip off and doesnt help anyone.. We try encouraging him to follow his lady but he continues to then talk to us about how strong he is.. how he can ride a bike- balancing with no hands and STANDING with both feet on the seat.. oh convenient- theres a bike chained up right next to us- so he runs to the bike- making the movement like he was riding it no handed- standing one foot in front of the other balancing on the seat- about to jump on someones bike.. so i yell out "umm please dont do that" and try to get him to not do it. hahahhahaha.. ohh it was SSOO hilarious.. i loved it.. he didnt we actually ended on a really good note.. but taht MADE my day. i love him.
So.. we had some killer miracles happen- sister Reynders always ask me to open the phone after weve been working for a few hours and asks "do we have any miracles".. usually its a no. BUT this other day we DID!! we had 2 to be honest! one was the girl thats a Jehovah Witness we met a while back- the person shes coresponding to called and left hers and his number so we could set upa time to call and meet her..well so good- were meeting with her this week!- she told him she read until Ether in the BofM and KNOWS the book is true! ssoo good! THEN the 2nd call was from Rocky- we met him my first transfer (about 1.5 months ago), and he was telling us were too strict etc. etc.. so i just stood up for what i believed and gave him a card with our number on it and told him to call when he was ready to meet with us and learn more. he called! he said he and his Gf Tammy wanted to meet and learn more. so we met with them- it went SO good.. they came to stake conference and later that night Tammy went to the baptism of a man Gordon- she said she really liked it!! aaahh they are SSOOgoood.. well we did the only thing we knew how to do- met with Tammy for a few moments after the bap. and commit her to be baptized on Nov. 26th.. and of COURSE shes going to! no hesitation!! sssooo good! so that was SO exciting! ah.. il ove it. i love the gospel- it changes lives and blesses people so much!

Well had 3 sets of missionaries (including me and sis. Reynder) who were last to leave the baptism as were walking to the car talking the elders quickly get in the same car and start circling the parking lot BUMPING Native music.. it was SSOOO funny! they were riding around dancing to this tribal indian music.. ahhahhahhaha.. ohhh soo funny. if i could upload videos i would upload that one! hahaa. they are so crazy.
So sis. REynders and I joke about "Dr. Hook" because his tow trucks and signs that he tows are ALL over the place.. well.. we had a first hand experience with him! duh duh ddduunnnn!! we were street contacting for a bit, ran into this guy michael who we were SO close to bible bashing with (but we didnt- we ONLY teach BY the spirit :) but thats another story.. so we walk back to the ghetto part of town- where we parked the car and S.R looks at me about to cry and says the cars gone! ahhaa. i just start laughing.. bah im a terrible companion.. but i laugh because its gone- not worth stressing about- all we can do is call a tow place or the police.. so we call the Scheels- a sweet senior couple in the area, they pick us up and we check out Dr. Hooks towing place- there it is! so im laughing the whole time- S.R is upset and almost crying.. ugh. im bad. but we bail out the car- dont worry it was only 70$.. A PIECE!!!!! so 140 ticket! yikes Dr. Hook.. so that was an adventure.. but hey we took pictures by the "ho0k" truck- so hopefully well feel better later on in life and laugh.. ahha.

well a lot went on this week. thats just the good stuff that i can think of off the top of my head.. Oh and we had preperation day activity today- the last day (so they say) we are going to play football- so we went to the usual field and geese were ALL over and 1,000 geese= 10,000 geese poops!! it was SSSOOO sick! people were slipping and falling all over in the poop! I accidently slipped and punched one of the Elders in the head!! i felt so bad because then he fell- poop all over his back and a red fist print on his head! WWHHHOOOPS! haha but it was all good fuN!
Oh- if anyone would PLEASE look for boots for me for winter- tell me how much they would be- make sure you include shipping- I bought a pair today for 110$, and i know i make a lot of money as a missionary (kidding i dont make ANYTHING), but i would like to "price shop" ssoo if you can check on Ebay or just FROOGLE.com and put in this informatino , see how much YOU can get them for and I can return these and pay you for them.. PLEASE let me know- I want this exact pair though- they are really really good boots (MADE for the 40- weather).. so please please let me know so i can save SOME money!
This is the info on them- brand is "SOREL" and they are womens black boots- they are size 8 and oh man.. i forgot to look at the style.. umm..BUT on the receipt it says: "snowlion, black lds sorel winter utility boot" sssooo check that out.. but let me know asap- i will pay you for them!

well i love the work here!! its ssoo good! I love the gospel and i get more and more excited to share it everyday! I love working with the people in canada! and i Love reading and learning about the scriptures.. it seriously brightens my day and teaches me so much! i know this church is true. i know that Joseph smith is a prophet- i know the Lord asked him to be the prophet because he was so humble- a 3rd grade education- he was such a wonderful man. he restored the same cgospel Christ had so we could live it today. I know we can be made "whole" through the atonement. i know Christ and our Heavenly Father NEVER give up on us. I know this is where we can find a fullness of joy! i love this gospel. thank you all for your support and help as im out here. i truly appreciate it and know you will be blessed for your help and efforts!!
I love you all!
OH tomorrow we get our tranfer calls! YIKES!! dont be scared to write or email me!!
SIster Horning
845 Shaftesbury BLvd.
Winnipeg, MB R3Pom5
Love you!-Sister horning
ppss! Kathie- how is the office and your life going!!! Mary I love you and hope you received my letter!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's this, What's this!!?

Why hello again dearest friends! So this last week has FLOWN by.. Thanksgiving was there.. uuumm.. we ate SO much food..
and hhmm.. oh we had teaching evaluations.. so things went PRETTY quick like.. So Amber set a date!!! Shes praying about
being Baptized on Nov. 21. He brother Dallas has set the date of Nov. 14. So that is SSOO good.. oh and dont even worry-
some of the less actives we have been trying to call for MONTHS FINALLY called us back! what a blessing! and she came to the
stake dance, loved it! ugh. such a blessing.. oh and dont worry- yes we just had a miracle today- we had met with this lady
once- about a month ago but shes Jehovas Witness- they pretty much cut off all conact with someone if they see them
associating or meeting iwth anyone (mainly missionaries) from another church- so she had to be way secret.. well we received
a call from her asking about temple marriages- random.. then we received a message over a month later saying she prayed
about the BofM and knows its true! she wants to start taking the lessons!!! what a blessing!!! we wont be teaching her- there
are now sisters in the area that are for the west end of town- shes over 30 so they will teach her.. i beleive.. but that is SO
good! ugh. i love the tender lil blessings we get from Heavenly Father- SSOO good.. Sister Reynders and I taught the Gospel
Principle class yesterday at church- it was on Eternal Marriage- ugh the lesson wenT SSOO well. we really put a lot into it and
prepared it pretty well.. BUT the comments from the class was what 'made' the lesson! i learned SO much from everyones
comments! I loved it SOO much. Ok so we were talking about being 'sealed' in the temple and how if we dont get married by
the CORRECT authority- God cant 'recognize' our marriage and therefore in heaven we arent married to that person anymore..
we all want to be married for time and ALL eternity- and without being married by the proper authority- truth is- we wont be..
so about the sealings- Elder Masters (hes part of a 'senior couple' from utah, hes teaching the institute class- and is SSSOOO
good. he has SO much insight and knowlege), he explained this (dont worry he said it much better and with greater clarity)..-
that in the ancient times they would send documents and use wet clay- stamping a ring or imprint in it making a 'seal'.. when
there were fires that burnt building(back in 'the day'), they ruined the documents, but the clay seal was still there- add fire to
the clay and it turns to ceramic- you cant have ceramic become 'loose' it cant come undone unless you BREAK the ceramic.. so
thinking parallel- the Imprint on the clay is Heavenly Father. The fire that turns the clay to ceramic is the Holy Ghost and
when we make a covenant in the temple with the Lord- we are bound in heaven and on earth.. the ONLY way it will not work
is if WE BREAK it.. if we dont live up to our end of the bargin! isnt that SOO neat! i didnt know or think about that before. but
it makes so much sense! Ah i love the gospel and the truth in it. as we go to the institute class- we have an investigator
amber that attends so we get to 'tag along and listen', i learn SO much about the symbolism that the Lord has in His church..
its ssooo good.. and to me, even MORE prroof that THIS IS THE TRUE church- after the SAME system and gospel that Christ
was teaching while He was on the earth. there are so many things to learn. ugh il ove it.. Oh and last night we had a potluck-
and the Masters spoke a bit about their living in Jerusalem- they were there for a total of (i think) 3 or 4 years. they taught an
institute class there.. wow.. they have so much insight and knowlege. Elder masters was sharing the neatest stories.. ugh i
wish i had my notes and time to share it all! if you want to know, email me and ill exaplain it better!.. but things are SOO
good.. i do have to go- but i KNOW this church is true. i know that ONLY through Christ are we able to have a JOYFUL life and
be able to return to our Heavenly Father again. I know that Jospeh Smith was a true prophet, that he did so much for the
church. I know that we can be married throughout all eternities.. i know that we are loved. i konw the gospel IS the way to
true happiness and i know that the book of Mormon is true. I know that it inspires us and lets us know what we can do to
have a greater happiness and come closer to christ. I love this gospel and i will never deny any part of it.
Thank you so much for all of youre love and support as im out here.. please keep your prayers up for me and all the
missionaries.. do missionary work yourself too!
i love you and hope youre doing well!
OH and thanks for the scriptures! They came in today dad!! Thank you All that help me!
Love Sister HOrning

Monday, September 28, 2009

Crystal's Update Sep 28 09

Hello Family and Friends that I consider Family! So this week is great!! My sister had a baby boy!!! YES. he is SSOO cute! I just wanna spank his lil bum bum!
This week is so great actually. We have 2 new investigators!! One is Jamie- shes First Nation (indian) and she really wants to turn her life around. she has had some really hard times and is ready to make some serious improvements in her life. shes 24 and really good.
Amber is the 2nd one. she is SOO great! I love her so much. Weve met with her 2 times this last week and set up daily contact where we talk with her everyday- see how shes doing. yeah she LOVES it and said shereally likes knowing that we care about her. Shes starting to pray and starting to read the book of mormon. shes way shy until you get to know her a bit and she has a pretty.. uumm.. hard past. shes ready to move on and get going on her LIFE. i love it. shes great- she went to institute last week and LOVED it. mind you she has NO religious background and knows nothing about the bible or anything- so were starting on ground 0. im so excited for her and the changes that will be made in her life.
OH and we are meeting with ALexandra! shes great toO! shes Gfs with one of our members. I love her so much! Shes atheist and just interested iin the church to support her BF and to see what we are all about. i love her- shes so into learning and betteringher life. yes imexicted about these ladies!
So.. Sorry this will be so short- i gotta make like a granny in a walker and scoot!.. Ive been reading about the Christ Like Attributes and today I read about Obedience. I also read from Helamen 9,10,11 and 12 today. The scriptures can totally apply to us if we want them to and let them! Its so exciting! In the 11 and 12 chapter the Lord tells Nephi that whatever he tells the people- like promises blessing or 'cursings' that the lord will make it happen.. Well i dont know about you but thats a LOt of power given to one man. well anyways. the people end up fighting and killing eachother- the naughty ones do- Nephi PLEADS to the lord that they will have a famine so they might be humble rather than kill eachother. well the Lord grants that and the people start to become humble again.. anyways youll have to read it to get the whole story- but i LOVE how the Lord doesnt tell us what is best.. just like the story with Brother Of jared that has the Lord touch the rocks to make light in the ship (the book of Ether).. anyways. the Lord asks them what they think will work best. he does this not to be cruel, but to get us thinking. have us gain confidence in ourselves as well as to learn! BAH. there are so many things we can learn from the scriptures- so much we can take out of them.. but thats a lot of what i learned- if we come up wiht a 'problem' in our lifes- we can pray for help and strength, but WE need to be the ones to figure it out.. rely on the spirit to help us know what we need to do- but also not just wait aroundn and expect the lord to do all the work! ALSO when I read about obedience- ah. i love it.. there are SO many good scriptures in there.. ps- if you get the chance- purchase adn read Preach My Gospel. Its SOOO good. anyhow- the Lord gives us commandments for our bennefit. he does it so he can bless us. He is a Just God- just like your kids- if they are being naughty and not studying for a test- they take it and fail- the teacher cant give them a good grade! we need to realize and remember that the lord gives us commandments for our safety, protection and our good- to help us be better people. He is our FATHER. a perfect ftather- think of a perfect earthly father- he wants whats best for his kids- wants to help them but the kids have to learn on their own sometimes too.. ah. i love it. i wish i could express myself a lot better on here as well as focus on my spelling and grammer- but this annoying clock is in my face reminding me that i have only minutes to express my hours and days of study!

Another huge point that stood out to me- In our Gospel Principles class- (get that book and read it too- SSOO good), we were talking about eternal marriage. Elder Kirkland (my zone leader- hes SOO great), gave us a great example- i hope this makes sense.. well he was teaching a man and woman who were from Africa and married by the tribe in Africa. In their culture and tribes they were married, had the bennefits of being married and noticed as married. They moved to Canada and Canada didnt recognize the means by which they were married in Africa- so it was Void. They were not treated as married, they dont get the "blessings" or bennefits of being married.. so they had to get married again in Canada so it would be valid here. WELL. same goes for Marriagehere. If we dont get married by the proper authority and in the place God recognizes as "correct" (the Temple), then when we "move" to where God is(heaven-after we die), then the Lord will not recognize our marriages. The marriage will be for time on earth. We need to do things the Lords way for Him to recognize it. If we want to be with our families throughout all time and live with God again, we NEED to get married in the temple. this is such an imoportant thing! The lords commandments are NOT hard. By small steps to do what he asks us (and only for our good), then great things come to pass. By being an active member of the church- that doesnt mean we will have a perfect family. we wont be tempted, we wont have hard times and trials.. but i can PROMISE you this.. things will be So much easier- we will have an eternal perspective- to know if what we are doing will bring us closer or further from the Lord. We will be able to show more love and charity as well as put things into perspective. I know this because ive lived it. i know this because Ive prayed about it and looked into it. i know this because Ive seen families grow stronger when they are focused around the lord. I KNOW this church is true and you WILL find the greatest happiness if you are really looking for it. well..

this is all my preaching for the day. i do have to go.. OH- family and or friends.. for an early Birthday/Christmas present i wou LOVE a MINI tripple combo and bible- the separate leather ones with Crystal Gail on em. this makes it easier for me to take with me as a prosolyte and i want them for my "mission scriptures".. if this is something that you would like to all pitch it- i would make up the difference- i know money doesnt grown on trees.. but i was asked a few times waht i wanted for my birhtday in dec. and this is all i want.. i would like to get them soon so i can start using them.. but if not- then someone please let me know and ill purchase them on my own.. ugh. i hope i dont sound like a brat for asking!! yikes! well i love you and miss you. please email or write me. i love hearing from you!
Take care!
Sister Horning

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sep23 LEtter from THE Crystal!

WWHHHHYYYY Heellllooo there!
So IM stressed. No letters. Again. WAIT! Thomas wrote me. what a dear friend. So transfers happend! AAANNNDDD.. I STAYED! Im still in Winnipeg YSA with SIster Reynders! I love her and we are SO excited! There is SOO much work to be done here-we are READY to rock and roll with it! SSOO over this last week- here are the updates.. uumm.. we went to this place called the "CLothes Closet", women donate dressy work clothes, shoes purses etc. and this CC takes them and hangs them then they have women who need nice clothes for interviews and such come in and they can choose 2 outfits!! Isnt that great! Its so nice for the women who are on the streets and what other circumstances they are in., I think its just wonderful they have that!
I learned the NEATEST thing this week. Its call a "Tim Tam Slam".. OOH be sitting for this.. its Great! What it is is a chocolate cookie sandwhich thing with chocolate on the outside.. its a rectangle- you bite off one corner at the top- then one off the opposite side at the bottom.. then you have hot chocolate- put part of the cookie at the bottom then drink out the other side of the cookie- making it 'melt'.. then once it starts to get soft you SLURP the cookie up.. yes. SLURP it up.. its SSSOOOO good.. I would send out a box to everyone i knew if i could! They MAY have them in the states. i HIGHLY recommend eating them and trying it.. ugh. this library doenst have a port where i can send pictures or videos.. hhmm.. ill need to fix that.. otherwise id send a video of me and Elder Schulte doing it!! its SSOOO good.. In the mornings Sister Reynders and I play basket ball with the Elders for Our exercise- they are the ones that introduced us. then we went over to a member named Amber, her house and had a "tim Tam Slam' party. There was about 9 or 10 of us.. I loved every second of it!! YIKES... ah im drooling THINKING about it.
So sis. Reynders and I were driving past this pond/lake thing and guess what we HAPPEN to see.. uumm.. guess about 700 CANADIAN GEESE!!! it was SOSSOOO neat! They were all just chillin- having a good ol time in the water and walking all over the grass.. dont worry- a picture was taken but ill have to send one later. ugh.
At this time we have like 3 investigators.. yup- digging at the very bottom of the barrel.- bless our hearts. but we are super excited and we KNOW we will improve on that! I am ready for it!
Today we went to check out "Muk-Luks" they are First Nation (Indians) boots. they are WAY neat.. but super expensive.. we drove about 40 minutes to get to this store that has them- we didnt buy any because sis. reynders wants to take time and pick the beadwork (im NOT getting any).. So anyhow. we pass the foodcourt and stop to get some nosh.. well i was all served up at this chinese place and find out they DONT take credit cards OR american dollars unless its exact amount- yeah lame, thats what I thought too.. so the lady tells me to go to the bank and get money. i cant leave without my companion- so just wait til shes done eating and were then about to leave the mall... the Chinese lady takes off her hat and aporn and tells me shes going to take me to the bank so i can pay for the food! WWHHAAT. so shes walks me there! Ugh. the food smelled good so i had to give in- but really- what in the world- shes walking me to pay for this cold food.. ugh. haha. i actually thought it was hilarious. anywade..
So my time is almost up on here. I wanted to share some of my reading from my personal studies.. I was reading in Alma 47 and it talks about Lehonti who is a king posted at the top of a mountain with his troops- how Amalickiah (bad guy just wanting power), asks him 3 times to come off his mountain. Every time Lehonti says no. then Amalickiah goes to almost the top of the mount and tells Lehonti to come down just to that point. well he does it and they scheme a plan that Lehonti will 'capture' amalickiahs city and he just wants to be 2nd in command. well this happens and then Amalickiah has Lehonti "poisoned by degress"until he is slowly killed- then Amalickiah is in charge.. SO point of the story is for us NEVER to come down from our mountains. Never give in and give up our standards.. Never.

Second thing i learned in my morning studies.. I have been reading a lot about the Chris LIke attributes- i LOVe them. Well Charity is my favorite for sure.. I was reading and this may be something you already knew, but it really hit me.. Charity is preventing sins. Charity is the pure love of Christ. if we have Charity- we dont want to hurt ANYbody. and when we sin someone ALWAYS gets hurt.. weather its us, our spouces, family, friends.. whomever.. so if we have charity we will NOT want to sin because we KNOW it will hurt someone! UGH. i LOVE that. think of Christ- he loved EVERYONE and wanted to hurt noone.. and he didnt want to disappoint his father so in a sense that would be pretty easy for him not to sin- He loved others so much more!aahh.. ilove that!
ANOTHER thing.. sister Reynders pointed out to me.. we were talking about descions we make.. well think about this- "would what im doing or watching be suitable for a child to do/watch?" if the answer is NO then why is it ok for us? we have spirirts just as lil children have them. just because we were exposed to things before doesnt mean its ok if we continue that.. really.. would you allow your lil 3 year old to smoke, drink, watch movies with naughty parts in it? well then why are you? wouldnt it hurt us just the same? aahh.. i love that. realizing how HUGE of an impact we have on our tender lil kids.. we really need to think about it. even if they are grown up- they will stlil watch the things we do.

Ok. so i have 2 minutes left. I do have a request from ANYONE that wants to be so kind.. I would like Crest White strips. Here they are over 50$ for the ones that are like 30$ in the states! YIKES.so if anyone will buy them for me and mail them- i can pay you!! Thanks much. I have to go. I love you all and im so excited about this gospel! Thank you for all your love and support!! Love you!
Love sister Horning
845 Shaftesbury BLvd.
Winnipeg, MB R3POM5


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sep 15 Letter from the CRYSTAL!!

Whhyyy HEELLLOO! So this week has flow by-- like a KITE! Yikes! So we are starting to get more appointments- thats GREAT.. and we are contacting the formers here- they are responding pretty well to us!Yesterday in church was amazing, and not only because we taught the Relief Society lesson! hahha.. But the whole day was WAY good! The talks were amazing- everything I needed to hear.. About how we need to think about whats most important in life and do those things... Then Gospel Principles was amazing- talking about Our talents- how we can find out what they are, use them and share them with others! Then our lesson was about the importance of friends- and how hard it would have been for J. Smith to do and go through all the things he did without his amazing wife and friend Emma... and all those that stood by him. I told the members about my 'conversion' story and how if it wasnt for my visting teachers being my friends and showing me love, i more than likely wouldnt be active in teh church or on a mission today!So its so important we are kind and loving to others-go out of our way to help them feel loved and cared about.. yeah it was good.
So sister Reynders and I had the toilet over flow in our appartment!! Bahhahaha.. it was great.. we took the top off the back to see if we could fix it- water started spraying all the way to the ceiling! baabhh.. it was great. dont worry i took a picture and will have to upload it later (sad face).. But we fixed it- a tube broke and i dont know- just needed to be put in the correct place.. something like that. But its ok now! hahaa
Tomorrow are transfer calls! YIKES Im SSOO excited.. I heard that there is a new sister coming in.. but Im not sure.. well have to see! I really hope i stay here- were just getting to really know the members and start getting the city down a bit.. I know Ill go where im needed- But I do hope i get a chance to stay with Sister Reynders and Winnipeg YSA longer!
Things are So good here.. I love it! I wish studies would last all day- I learn SO much in my reading and studies. I know they say this is the only time you have to really study and learn the book Of Mormon- because Life gets too busy after the mission--- oohhh not mine. Im seriously making it a goal and priority to wake up at 6.30 after the mission so I can study for an hour. I LOVe it and gain so many insights every day i read! There is so much about the Gospel- its amazing.. but yet the Gospel is SO simple. its great! I love it. I know the church is true and I know that this is where I need to be now. Im so excited about sharing the Gospel and helping people find a greater happiness in life! Please update me on how youre doing with praying everyday and reading the scriptures daily! I want to know!! K. i love you all! Keep in touch and dont be afraid to send packages filled with goodies!! (wink wink)
OH.. Erica- Thank you for all your updates and everything!! youre the BEST. also- I dont have a tape recorder- but i can buy one im sure.. I cant wait to hear everyone!! HEY when is Celeste having her BeBE? I need to hear details! please update me on everyones lives i love hearing it all! OOHH and did Rochelle or Celeste get my letters? wheres b-ann? tell her to WRITE ME AND SEND PICTURES!!! im serious.
BAH. i gotta go. i love you and miss you all!
PS- Please find out if mom received my letter? I havent heard from her in WEEKS.. thats not normal.. hhmm..
If anyone knows the DG and Gary Nunley, Rose Olsen, Aunt Rita, Evalyn Frees addresses, PLEASE tell me them- I didnt bring ANY addresses with me and i really need to write them a 'thank you' card.

PPS-Emily Frame! YOU NEED TO WRITE AND UPDATE ME! IM SERIOUS. ill be 'expecting' a package. Thanks!
anyone can email me at crystalgail@myldsmail.net- I will have to respond via snail mail- but hey email me your information!
kiss kiss-Sister Horning

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

News from the Frozen land of CANADA!. Sep 09. 2009

Its another Monday.. WAIT.. Its TUESDAY! yikes! Nothing was opened yesterday so we get a few hours to do shopping and emailing today.. YES YES!well- my mailbox has residents in it.. a sweet lil spider family living there.. they set up a web and all.. hhmm i thank the 'new comers' to all of you that havent written me.. i have to dust off the ol mail box to see the number on it anymore! YIKES!!! bbahahah.. well thank you Erica Lynn and Deidre who write me recently.. i LOVe the pictures you both sent!! thank you thank you!

Well.. this week.. hhmm.. not a ton has gone on.. we have been looking for investigators- working VERY hard on our contacting.. but we havent had any progressing investigators for a while.. this MUST and WLL change! UGH. things are going well though. I love it out here.. I love my companion- shes is hilarious and doesnt realize it. bahahha.. thats the best. its starting to get a bit chillier out and dark a lot earlier in the evening.. uh oh! WINTERpeg.. here i am!! Transfers are next Friday!! YIKES! thats SOO soon.. so next tues. ill see if i stay or go! HOpefully ill stay! I love the members and love the area!
So I didnt realize this.. but do me a favor- look at a map of Winnipeg.. k.. theres about 700,000 people.. then look outside of Winnipeg. ITS AN ISLAND!! ahha.. well as in its this decent sized city and the CLOSEST city is 2 hours away! ahhaha.. what in the world! I didnt realized it was so isolated here! I dont even know what to think about that! Its so beautiful here and the people are GREAT! they have a ton of culture! I love it.
Oh!! Heres an idea!! send tapes! Talk into tapes- have your kids talk into tapes and SEND them to me! I can send some back if youd like.. but id love to hear you and the kids!!
ALSO I have a challenge for EVERYONE.. I want to hear reports on this too!! 1. pray every morning AND night-thank God/Heavenly Father for yur blessings- ASK for what you need in life 2.read 3 minutes EVERYDAY.. THREE minutes from the Book Of Mormon and think- "how can I apply this to my life".. EVEN if you DONT believe in it, havent read it before, dont Think you understand it.. DO IT
I PROMISE that you will be able to apply the scriptures to your life and it will BRIGHTEN your day. I promise when you pray that you will be able to feel the Spirit/comfort/peace. Also you will be able to notice your blessings more. These are NOT hard things to do. They are GOOD for you. I know because I have done these and seen changes in my life..
I know when we do whats right we are blessed. I also know that when we do whats right Satan is working SO much harder on us. Please- work harder than he is. I promise you will be blessed. Please do the things that are right. you will have so much joy if you strive to do what is right and stay close to the Lord.
I read a scripture and would LOVe to share it.. 1 Nephi 8.12
This is when Lehi has a dream about the "Tree of Life" where the tree of life represents the Gospel of Jesus Christ. this scripture describes PERFECTLy how I view/feel about the Gospel..

"And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for i knew that is was desirable above all other fruit."

Please.. if you havent had a desire before, even if you think that this ISNT for you. please pray about it and read. i Promise that you will find answers to what you are looking for.. think of this way- if the purpose of the Church is to bring families closer together, Understand and Know who Christ is- what he has done for us, help us prepare for the future (life), help others and help ourselves become the BEST people we can be.. why wouldnt we want that? we are given commandments for US.. not for God.. they keep us and our families and our bodies safe.
I love you all and always have you in my thoughts and prayers!

Love Sister Horning

AAHH.. times up sorry this is short. i just want all of you to know that I KNOW this church is true. honestly- why else would i dedicate my time to be out here- be ssooo happy with life and have such a great outlook on life if it wasnt true?!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sep 01, 2009 Crystal's Letter from Canada!

Why hello ya'll!! Heres the weekly update from your favorite sister Missionary! YES! so the weather is pretty nice here- its usually 24*C I dont know what that is in F but its pretty nice! and thank Heavenly Father- there is USUALLY a nice breeze! but my companion and I think it is SO funny because when its above 0- i SWEAR to you, you WILL see guys without shirts on all over! its so funny. they just walk around taking their shirts off.. ride bike, drive, run, take a stroll with their kids- shirtless... they act like were in Mexico.. i love it. We are still meeting really neat people and having a ton of fun with the ward! they are so sweet and I love them all!!

Im STILL loving it here.. The Lord blesses us and EVERYONE for sure! he is soo good! we met a cute girl Randi that is SO excited about the church. we meet with her one Weds- and when we tracted into her i asked her right off the bat- "when you know these things are true willl you be baptised?" it was the first time id pulled that one- but i kept being prompted to say it.. shes quickly responded with "yeah im totally open to that! If this is right I willl".. i love it! shes so excited to learn and such a neat girl! i know well be friends post mish! haha..
I spoke in sacrament meeting on Sunday- haha. what i learned on my mission... so far... it was pretty good.. Ive learned so much though! I LOVE the scriptures and the gospel.. ill have to later share a bit of my talk.. i dnot have it on me nor do i have the time to type it..
But ive been setting goals and changing small things about me daily. i really really like it! the Lord shows us our weaknesses so we can turn them to strengths! Ether 12.27-->READ IT

I love the gospel. I know it is true. I know the Lord loves us- even if we dont love or believe in Him. He is always blessing us and wanting us to do whats right. He is always cheering us on! He still is willing to forgive us no matter what we do! How great is that!! I love reading the scriptures. i read them for at least a half hour a day. i totally study and fully take in everything they say. there is SO much in there- we just need to apply it to us! i LOVE it. I have also been reading Preach My Gospel and reading EVERYTHING in there.. all the scriptures and side notes.. ugh i love it all! we can be such better people by just following the Lord and what he asks of us. its amazing. i know more and more each day that Joseph Smith is a prophet.. that he loves us and went through SO much to give us the word of the Lord. He went through so much and paved a way for us so we dont have to go through such hard times! what an amazing man! I love this church- i know it is all true. If you think about it- the main and always reoccuring goal in our church is Build up yourself and your family. Be the best people we can be- lift up others. help and love others. be a better person and more prepared and self sufficient!!! NOT trying to get gain- for money, fame or anything else! i love it. what a great religion to be part of! I have seen people truly change themselves- ONLY for the better through the gospel. i know with my entire heart it is true and we can be our BEST selves if we listen and follow the teachings of the church. PRAY and find out for yourself if its true if you havent already. I PROMISE its much much easier and happier following the church than not. i know first hand. 2Nephi 4.16, 2Nephi 4.20
Read em! youll love it!
Well.. I better go soon. I have work to do!! Oh. ps- if anyone is thinking about Christmas since is SOO soon.. ahhaa... ive been thinking about what I want!! I want the individual-not combined scriptures (the BofM/PofGreat price/D&C combo is most important) Garments (meh.. mmaayybbee), and PICTURES!!!! k. write me- send me pictures and keep me updated on everything back at 'home' i love you all and miss you all!
PS- Emily Frame- keep me updated on your LIFE!
OH and if anyone has Hermana GRossbeck s address- please let me know!
PPS- where is BreaAnn?! tell her to email AND WRITE ME!! Happy Birthday Cierra and Deidre!! C-lest keep me updated on your baby situation!!!
Desi I know yours is just coming around the corner!!! Ppss- please send me a list of everyones birthdays! Love you love youZ!

Take care. I love you and will try to make things happen so my letters are more exciting! YIKES!
-love Sister Horning Eh.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Aug 24, 2009 Letter from THE Crystal!

Why hello heeeelllllllooo!!! (tune to the happy birthday primary song)-Here I am, one week older and wiser too- heres my letter... To you! So here it is- preperation day!! We are on PD2M today- of course that stands for Preperation Day 2tha Max! Meaning we need to CRUISE and get all our shoppping and etc.. done in a timely matter! and we did! it only took us 46$ 30 minutes and 4 items of food later to get us out of the grocery store! ahha.. but really. we are SO poor. Ive never had to TRULY "budget" my grocery money! and as we ALL know.. I LOVe to eat. and i love to eat a LOT of food.. Yeah. we thats cut down to PB&J sammys everyday, crackers and occassionally a candy bar here and there.. Im LIVING off of pb&j sammys- Thanks to mommy, I like em! Everything is SO expensive here- its outrageous! but meh, is all rrrriiggghhhtt..
> So this week was meh.. ok.. I was ill with this terrible pain in my stomach! I was folded over most of the day. Then the next couple days i was throwing up for no reason.. that was a good time.. and now my dear lips are skinless!! they are SSOO sore and red.. bless their lil hearts! I do NOT know what is wrong with me- im just a mess!! But my stomach pains, that Ive been having for the past few years- i was told by one of the Elders (who is a doctor), that its due to stress!!! WWWHHHAAATTT? to my shock- he said that I put too much pressure on myself and tend to work too hard and be too much of a 'perfectionist' . ahha i kind of laughed, but can see where he would get that idea from! ahha. SO he is so kind and would call me at night or when the pain was too unbearable and he would go through this relaxation exercise with me.. to put me to sleep and to help me not focus on the pain. they helped- for a bit. but bless his heart how kind of him! ssoo.. im getting better and pushing along!
> This week has been a 'sad day' for me and the work. I found myself not working or pushing as hard as i normally do- NOT good. but Im back on track and ready to share the best message ever with EVERYONE! Yyyaeeahh!
> We had Zone Conference this week- that was prettttttyyy fun! I saw one of my favorite missionaries- Elder Liechty- he is HILARIOUS and we are OUT OF CONTROL when we are together! well of course we are still dignified and all.. BUT we have a great time. so that was great! There is SO much to learn in those meetings- i LOVE it. I just wish i could remember everything so i could do much better at applying it!
> I LOVe my companion.. seriously. Sister Reynders is the perfect companion for me right now.. I was praying for her and the Lord surely knows what we need! We have such a great time together. we are quickly becoming great friends! I just love love love her!
> So we are teaching this lady and she KNOWS the church is true, KNOWS JS to be a prophet and the BofM to be true.. yet she doesnt want to get baptised! ugh its ssoo frusterating.. we are going to have to lay down the law and ask why not! well.. i did- she said she doesnt know enough.. well i gave her an amazing analogy- and she still said yeah that makes sense.. but i still want to know more.. well. *gulp*... *sigh* i dont know.. all i can do is pray! so we dont have a ton of investigators at this time.. just a few of them- but we are finding like crazy!!! we need to say something to truly spark enough interest for them to actually meet with us later! we have about.. hhmm.. 4 sisters that made appointments with us and totally ditched out. ugh if they only knew what they were missing out on!
> well.. I love the ward- they are all soo sweet and dear to me!! Bishop Wood is really great too! he is always interacting with the members and he participates in everything!! Such a good man!
> well.. thats about all the news I have for this week. I was ill so I saw more of my eyelids and the toliet than i did anything else. I hope you are all doing well!! I love you all! OH and DONT be scared to write!! wahahhaha..
> Take Care.
> Love- Sister Horning

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aug 18, 09 Sis Horning Letter!

Why hello hello one and all! Here I am, just having a grand ol' time in Winnipeg Eh! I LOVE it here! I love the ward- the singles are SO fun- its a pretty good sized ward, I think there are about 30 active members in the ward. I love it- they all come to all of the activities and are sssoo close! Its a good example! My companion Sister Reynders is HILARIOUS! We have just a good time together and teach really well as a companionship. I learn loads from her! I love street contacting the mostest!! Especially when we go downtown.. The downtown is really neat! They have so many interesting shops and so many people gathered. The style and culture is very strong. There are TONS of homeless people that just sit on the grass, play music, clean the car windows and other random things for money. I really like that about the people- most of them WORK for money- not just beg. I think that is really neat of them. They are my FAVORITE people to teach!! Sister Reynders makes fun of me because I talk to every 'less fortunate" person we see. They make me laugh so hard and they are almost always the most humble- so they listen and really enjoy the uplifting messages we share. The other day we were teaching 4 First Nation (similar to/same as Indians), and one of them was totally drunk and asking my companion to marry him- yeah we bolted shortly after- BUT the other 3 we were talking to really liked the stories from the BofM and I gave em a BofM and some passalong cards. They liked it.. We meet a lot of interesting people.. Weve only had hhmm.. like 5 or 6 people be REALLY rude and say rude things to us or just literally SLAM the door in our faces.. But we laugh and get a kick out of it.. so Its all good. We had one of our investigators Carmen, come to church with us! It was SUCH a blessing! We didnt see her before church started so we just went inside- I was praying the WHOLE time that she would show up and be able to hear the testimonies of the congrigation.. After sacrament meeting- there was Carmen!! Sitting on the couch outside the chapel doors! she said she heard the speakers andreally enjoyed them!! I was SSOO thankful for that! REWIND TO SACRAMENT- we had the congrigation speak b/c there was a YSA conference (18 stakes were invited and only 3 people outside our ward showed! SAD), so they just had sacrament meeting- everyone baring their testimonies.. THEN Elder Smith from the Quarm of the 70s.. The meeting was overflowing with the spirit! It was amazing! the Elders in the ward (elder Sainsbury and elder ShultZe) had 2 investigators come. One of them is a man from Africa named Harrison- he is really tall and SUPER skinny- the heart of a giant! he is totally humble and really really nice! The other mans name is Bernie- totally receptive, from Canada and reminds me (lookwise), of Shaun. They both LOVED the meeting- I asked them both how it went- Bernie-" I LOVED IT! I could feel the spirit the whole time! Youll see me here next week!" and Harrison "it was very good. I really liked hearing from the people".. Harrison actually got up and 'bore his testimony', he said that he was looking for God, that he was wanting to know what is true. So tender! i just bawled when I saw him cmoing towards the pulpit. that takes SSOO much courage to do that! Bless his heart!
The Lord works miracles every day! OOOHh. so Friday is was raining like crazy! We went out street contacting and it didnt seem too bad- until youre out there for HOURS on end! we still were able to teach in the rain and had 3 new investigators that day! we taught so many lessons I loved it!! The Lord blesses us- especially if we do what we are supposed to, have a good attitude about it- even when it seems tough. I kNOw we were blessed because of our cheerful attitudes!! we were singing any 'freetime' we didnt see people on the streets. OH! so Winnipeg MAY be the 8th largest city in Canada- but there is only like 700,000 people here! Its not big at all! we see people we taught all the time- as were walking down Broadway downtown. Its actually really neat seeing them- they ALWAYS have good things to say about us.. we do our best to be good to everyone and talk to everyone.. I love it here.. i KNOW this Gospel IS true! I know that the Lord loves all of us and always wants the best for us. I know that we can achieve a greater happiness if we rely on the Lord and truly know Him and Christ better. I have done a ton of research about the church while Ive been out here. ive also heard a lot of things- but I can tell you this- I have NEVER been SSOO happy and have such a feeling of WORTH while ive been out here.. I get rude people, doors slammed- rejection ALL day.. yet I have never felt better. There MUST be truth to that.. there MUST be someone watching over me- keeping me safe. i know that seeing people become uplifted when they have their questions about life answered is one of the most tender things I see. I love it here. I love the mission and I love the Gospel. If we do what we are asked- just like in the scriptures- we will learn and have a fullness of Joy. Thank you all for the love and support you all have shown me. I truly appreciate it. there is so much about this gospel i want to share- but not near enough time! I learn something new every day. I Learn more and more about God and His hand in my life- about Jesus Christ and His life and Atonement- I learn FIRST hand- not just through reading. I am so greatful for the examples you have all had in my life.. I am so glad to have the Gospel in my life and to be able to share the gospel.. to TOTALLY dedicate my time and 18 months of my Life to what has brought me the MOST joy i have ever felt.

Thank you..
I love you all! Take care- and dont even worry- I pray for the family and KNOW that the sacrifices I make and hard times Ill go through these 18 months will for sure bless all the family. Read D&C 100.1 its when joseph and Sydney were away from the families. it says that the Lord will watch over them.. that is so true. you are all being watched over!

SEND LETTERS AND PICTURES! thanks Celeste and Rochelle and family for the letters! I will write ytou back now!
goota go!
-Sister Horning

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Canada post from Sis. Horning Aug 11,09

SSOO Im in the Canada Winnipeg YSA area- I love it here! Its just the young single adult ward- ages 18-30. We go tracting and street contacting every day- i love it! I remember my first door- i was SSSOOO scared!! yikes! BUT im getting more used to it and we have already seen miracles- to me, when anyone is willing to listen to the message we have and interact- THAT alone is a miracle! ahah. its tiring but feels great when someone listens. we have taught 25 lessons in just 4 days! so we are CRUISING along. My companion is Sister Reynders (sounds like grinder without the g). She is sweet and i love her more and more every day! So today Is preparation day-we went shopping- everything is EXPENSIVE here! UGH...ssoo we played basketball and football... I accidently got 'tackled' by one of the elders- we were actually running towards the ball and didnt see eachother- i FLEW on my butt!! ahah it was pretty funny- but kind of hurt and he felt TERRIBLE. bless his heart! I love the gospel. I love Winnipeg and the people! I can hear myself already getting an accent- but its ok i like it! surprisingly (to me), we have only had one lady YELL at us for tracting to her door.. i just smiled, thanked her for her time and walked on. Heavenly Father bless HER heart! There was a blessing of a family that we tracted into yesterday.. THeir names are the Crumps. They are SO sweet- the dad is fromt eh west indies and the mother from philipeans. They have 3 kids and TONS of little dogs.. litterally.. TOns. i think like 6-9 of them! wow! so Sted (the dad), opened the door- and invited us to the back yard to talk to him and his family. we taught them about the Plan of salvation, book of mormon, Joseph smith- just kept on going for about 45 minutes. they were LOVING it. they had a lot of similar beliefs.. and sted said a couple months back missionaries dropped by a BOM but havent come back since-they call but thats it.. he said he believes it and reads it daily!! i should have just pulled out the ol' " give me 5 minutes, Ill get a priesthood holder and well baptise you in your pool" trick- but I wasnt thinking at the time.. hhmm. so they agreed to have the missionaries come over and continue teaching! Heavenly Father be with this familY!! so that was really nice to run into someone like that. a lot of people here believe in CHrist, but havent thought about life after death or the purpose of life or anything.. We have an appointment tonigth and its this sweet lady Joelle (shes 19) that we tracted into. I hope all goes well!.. Well.. things are really good and I LOVE it here.. te days are passing QUICKLY!
Thanks for keeping me updated on life.. please continue to do so! Take care and thank you again for EVERYTHING you do!
OH! heres my address the WHOLE time im in Canada-
Sister Crystal Horning
845 Shaftesbury Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB R3P 0M5

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sister Horning is in CANADA!!

Why hello there lil familY! I say "hello" from the great white north! KALUKA KOOKA KOOKA LLUU!!! The flight was great! it was really short- and today was awesome! I woke up at 3 to get my bags packed and ready. I talked to a lady Pam at the airport- talked about her family and gave her a 'how to strengthen families' passalong card. she was really sweet. I ALSO talked to this guy david that works at the airline- he said his dauther just got back from his mission.. then he said he needed to reprint the sisters boarding passes. He comes back to me like 10 minutes later and tells me to have a great day.. i look- and he upgraded us to first class!! what a lil cutie!! so that was really cool. I talked to this guy in line and hes like "oh so youre going to try to convert Canada huh?" my response- "yep.. and you!".. ahah i love this work and im seriously talking to EVERYONE.. I havent fully approached the gospel to everyone- but i tell them who I am, why im going to Canada and explain a bit about the church. everyone else in my district loves it- they all think im nuts. I love it here- were getting all the paper work and such done.. so here is my address:
SIster Crystal Horning
845 Shaftesbury Boulevard
WInnipeg, MB R3P 0M5
Make sure you ALWAYS use that address!! thats where all mail goes to!

Im doing great- working hard and loving it! I meet my companion tomorrow! Im so excited!- THe mission President and his wife are SO cute and super sweet. I better be on my way! Send me letters and/or emails!! please give me all the family members my address and GIVE ME their physical and email addresses AND numbers.. Erica- please put this email on my web page and make sure to include that i DO NOT have anyones email or physical addresses!! THank you all for all your love and support. I love you adn pray for you!!!

-SIster HOrning

Sunday, July 26, 2009

MTC Experience!

K. please put this online for everyone..

So the MTC is amazing! I truly love it. I love my companion Sister Marble. SHe is a convert of 2 years and has a beautiful
testimony. I KNOW the Lord truly has a plan for each of us and he puts people, situations and EVERYTHING in place so we can
grow and learn. I feel the spirit EVERY hour. it gets really tiring- but its amazing. We study the gospel and learn about it for 16
hours a day!! Its a ton but ssooo interesting and amazing! I love everyone in my district- they are.. Sister Marble from NV,
Sister Broderick-UTah, Sister Drake-NC, Elder Bertram-Australia, Elder Felix-Utah, Elder Gandolph-NC, Elder Christensen-
Idaho, Elder Liechty-Utah.. They are all SSOOO fun and we seriously LOVE eachother. its amazing how close we grow after
being with eachother for only 8 days--- weeeellll 16 hours aday i guess we better be close!! The Elders are SO respectful of us
sisters. I love it- when we play sports like volleyball or softball, the elders are always so willing to let us have 3rd and 4th
chances to bat, serve or pitch the ball. They are such sweet elders. They all have super stong testimonies of the gospel and are
a wonderful example to me. Its CRAZY to think that they are only 19 years old!!! They will change lives for sure.
The MTC is such a great place! Imiss everyone so much- but honestly i Rarely think about that! ahha.. if im not studying,
scarfing down food, im sleeping or showering- and still thinking about scriptures, hymns and what the investigators are doing!
I literally dont have time to think about anything else! I LLLOOOVEE it though! It keeps me on task. I love my teachers-
Brother Nardone, Sister Reed and Brother Juregensmier. They all do such a wonderful job and are totally lead by the spirit.

THank you all for your love and support. Dont be afraid to email me and write me! you can always write me and send packages
to me at the MTC at Sister Crystal Gail Horning, Winnipeg Canada mission #225, 2005 N 900 E, Provo Utah 84064. OR you
can write me at dearelder.com and just put in my information!! If you want to email- that works as weel throughout my
whole mission- as far as i know.. I can write you back on Thurs.(preperation days).. crystalgail@myldsmail.net

Now i gotta make like a baby and head out of this mother! HA!. I love and miss you all. Please send pictures!!! that would be
the biggest help EVER. and Celeste- please send that book to my MTC address- its more expensive to send stuff to Canada! -
Love Sister Horning

Monday, June 29, 2009

Yep, This about sums up my day.. BreaAnn, Booski and I went to the pool today and just laid around. It was nice not running all over the place or trying to make plans for my 'final days'. I liked it.

So once again I wait TOO long to post stuff and too much has gone on. Well- real quick like- CeLisa and Kate are back in town! I love em!! AND I went to Colorado to visit the Gilberts a FEW times (wah haha). That about sums it up! OH and my daddy got into town today- I have yet to see him, Sue and her kids.. I shall do that In the AM.

*sigh* I think this is why I dont keep up to date on this ol blog- it doesnt make my life sound as exciting as it really is- and that depresses me. haha.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

eight things i am looking forward to
1. Having a house, land, garden and ANIMALS! my dream farm-YES
2. Serving a mission- July 15th!
3. Temple tomorrow
4. Jeff coming to visit
5. Kate, BreaAnn, Eric and Celisa being home
6. Glacier National park Trip
7. Colorado trip
8. cuddling with Sammy(my cat)

eight things i did yesterday
1. Shopping for clothes- puke
2. Shopping for food- yes!
3. temple w b webb-yes!
4. packed
5. hung out with Caity
6. Slept over at Caitys
7. Cuddled with Caity
8. ate cold stone

eight things on my wishlist
1. a job until I leave
2. My own temple clothes
3. motivation to finish my clothes/mission shopping
4. motivation to pack and clean my room
5. My sister BreaAnn and her baby Eric to be here- NOW
6. everyone in my family to be truly happy
7. the skill, time and dedication to make my blog look as good as Emily Frames
8. a dog

Sometimes I feel like Im falling in the Ocean

Today was yet another great day.. Starting out with morning run- accompanied by Devin Moody. Then we went to the temple to do a session.. LOVED it. Then I get a call from Josh asking if I wanted to go with him to find an airplane door that flew off a plane (yes while it was in the air). I couldnt turn that down! So we quick hop in his Jeep and head to Utah Lake. Were cruisin around the lake on his sweet boat- it looks like one youd take to the jungle- silver, small and super light. It was raining so we pull the ol' Emergency Panchos on. We make a few stops so I can throw the fishing poles in and see if we can catch anything.. Then we start heading back for institute (leaving at about 6), and on the way back its SUPER windy- going against us of course.. So the boat is hitting these huge waves- spashing BUCKETS of water into the boat and onto us.. The boat is literally FLYING over the waves, getting inches if not feet of air.. It took us about an hour and half to get back to shore. Dearest Josh stops the boat and appologizes about the crapp weather on the way home- I just start laughing because it was the BEST time ever! ha. We missed institute but made up for it with a killer time.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh deEr. SSOO Im now going to be serving a mission in about a month! GOODNESS!! Im seriously SOO excited. I love it. Since I received my call I havent been able to think about ANYTHING but the mission. I love it. I went through the Temple and LOVED it. It was amazing and my goal is to go back at least once a week.

Gosh. SO much has come and gone and happened since last time I wrote (yikes!).. Umm lets just start fresh- So Im job and school-less at this time. Ive just been going on a few 'trips' with the family since I received my call. Thankfully my dear family already had the trips planned so I didnt have to pay for anything- just tagged along! haha.. I love em!

Hmm. So tomorrow is Fast and Testimony meeting and Im SO excited for it! I love hearing from everyone- and IM not going to lie- I LOVE baring my testimony.. Good thing because Illbe doing it for 18 months STRAIGHT. Wow.. Im just really excited and thats all thats on my mind.. Yeah I better stop here..this is getting OUT of control.