Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh deEr. SSOO Im now going to be serving a mission in about a month! GOODNESS!! Im seriously SOO excited. I love it. Since I received my call I havent been able to think about ANYTHING but the mission. I love it. I went through the Temple and LOVED it. It was amazing and my goal is to go back at least once a week.

Gosh. SO much has come and gone and happened since last time I wrote (yikes!).. Umm lets just start fresh- So Im job and school-less at this time. Ive just been going on a few 'trips' with the family since I received my call. Thankfully my dear family already had the trips planned so I didnt have to pay for anything- just tagged along! haha.. I love em!

Hmm. So tomorrow is Fast and Testimony meeting and Im SO excited for it! I love hearing from everyone- and IM not going to lie- I LOVE baring my testimony.. Good thing because Illbe doing it for 18 months STRAIGHT. Wow.. Im just really excited and thats all thats on my mind.. Yeah I better stop here..this is getting OUT of control.

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