Friday, February 19, 2010

c gail

Happy Valentines Day from the North! i hope everyone was able to enjoy the day in some way or another.. at least being able to enjoy church! i know i did! So this will be a really short email.. but we had our zone conference and it was POWERFUL- as always. i love it. Something we talked about is doing a 20 day fast from things that 'poke' at our spirits. i am SSOO excited for this! i have been really thinking about the things i do and say and THINK and how they affect the work. i know that when i think 'worldly' thoughts it CAN be easy to get side tracked and hard to get back focused.. well we wrote those things down and for 20 days as a mission, we are fasting from those things! i love it. i know that when the spirit is here and felt, that i have better things to say and do and that when i am worthy of the spirit- it effects others.. im excited and ill for sure tel you how it goes! well something else that i have been thinking about is being prepared.. its SO important! not only that we ourselves are prepared but also those around us. we take members to appointments and its so important we prepare them so they can have the spirit and feel confident in the message they share! i love it. i loev prophets and that they help us know and learn how to be prepared.. weither its food storage, saving money, whatever it may be- He is always giving us advice and instructions on how to better our lives. i love it. i know the prophet is called of God to help us in our days today! i know that Heavenly Father truly talks to him and lets him know what we need! i love itl well i have to go. but know that I KNOW this church is true. i know it because the fruits of it. youll know anything from its fruits.. (i wish i could remember the bible ref. but i know its in alma 32).. but i know that when we move towards something good we are blessing not only us but those around us! i encourage you all to do things that bring you closer to the lord and bring your families closer together! thank you for all your love and support! i truly need it and appreciate it. OH and i challenge you to all bring ONE PERSON to church.. just one sunday. please help others feel the joy of the gospel and receive the blessings of knowing the truth! i love you all! take care!
love sister Horning/Canada Winnipeg Mission
845 Shaftesbury Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB R3P0M5