Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello, Hello, Hello from Crystal!

This week has FLOWN by.. I cant even believe its Monday again!! YIKES.. well a ton has gone on- first off.. we met this man and woman- Sis. Reynders was teaching her.. and I stayed back to talk to the ol' chap.. Picture him- Native- tall, old (er), and his hair SLICKED back JUST like Elvis'.. it was great.. plus sunglasses and he was wearing skinny jeans- no joke.. and high tops.. i LOVE him.. so i start talking to him about Christ- and he goes off about how he has his Lord with him always.. and hes telling me about how he smokes the weed- its good because its from God.. then how he can see God when he smokes the weed God gave him- right. then he starts moving around all swift like- and tells me he can run miles, do ANYTHING anyone can do- how hes 60 but has the engery and strength of a 25 year old- which was true.. THEN he busts out and does a FLYING SCISSOR kick HIGH in the air!! no joke.. it was SSOO good.. i just wish i had my camera to capture this magical moment.. ugh.. then about 20 minutes of our wonderful discussion- he pulls out one of those lil orange bibles they used to pass out at my elementary school, and tells me has always has his Lord with him- he shows me a picture of Christ- its one of our Finding Faith in Christ passalong cards we hand out! i tell him those are the cards we hang out- he told me its for him- not ours.. and that he was walking down the street in Ellice (a BUSY part of town), and it was on a step- tons of people walked pass it, but it was meant for HIM.. how neat huh!? well.. then he kisses the picture and told me how he kisses his Lord everyday.. haha.. so cute.. then a bit later his lady friend leaves and hes still talking to me about how the Salvation Army is a rip off and doesnt help anyone.. We try encouraging him to follow his lady but he continues to then talk to us about how strong he is.. how he can ride a bike- balancing with no hands and STANDING with both feet on the seat.. oh convenient- theres a bike chained up right next to us- so he runs to the bike- making the movement like he was riding it no handed- standing one foot in front of the other balancing on the seat- about to jump on someones bike.. so i yell out "umm please dont do that" and try to get him to not do it. hahahhahaha.. ohh it was SSOO hilarious.. i loved it.. he didnt we actually ended on a really good note.. but taht MADE my day. i love him.
So.. we had some killer miracles happen- sister Reynders always ask me to open the phone after weve been working for a few hours and asks "do we have any miracles".. usually its a no. BUT this other day we DID!! we had 2 to be honest! one was the girl thats a Jehovah Witness we met a while back- the person shes coresponding to called and left hers and his number so we could set upa time to call and meet her..well so good- were meeting with her this week!- she told him she read until Ether in the BofM and KNOWS the book is true! ssoo good! THEN the 2nd call was from Rocky- we met him my first transfer (about 1.5 months ago), and he was telling us were too strict etc. etc.. so i just stood up for what i believed and gave him a card with our number on it and told him to call when he was ready to meet with us and learn more. he called! he said he and his Gf Tammy wanted to meet and learn more. so we met with them- it went SO good.. they came to stake conference and later that night Tammy went to the baptism of a man Gordon- she said she really liked it!! aaahh they are SSOOgoood.. well we did the only thing we knew how to do- met with Tammy for a few moments after the bap. and commit her to be baptized on Nov. 26th.. and of COURSE shes going to! no hesitation!! sssooo good! so that was SO exciting! ah.. il ove it. i love the gospel- it changes lives and blesses people so much!

Well had 3 sets of missionaries (including me and sis. Reynder) who were last to leave the baptism as were walking to the car talking the elders quickly get in the same car and start circling the parking lot BUMPING Native music.. it was SSOOO funny! they were riding around dancing to this tribal indian music.. ahhahhahhaha.. ohhh soo funny. if i could upload videos i would upload that one! hahaa. they are so crazy.
So sis. REynders and I joke about "Dr. Hook" because his tow trucks and signs that he tows are ALL over the place.. well.. we had a first hand experience with him! duh duh ddduunnnn!! we were street contacting for a bit, ran into this guy michael who we were SO close to bible bashing with (but we didnt- we ONLY teach BY the spirit :) but thats another story.. so we walk back to the ghetto part of town- where we parked the car and S.R looks at me about to cry and says the cars gone! ahhaa. i just start laughing.. bah im a terrible companion.. but i laugh because its gone- not worth stressing about- all we can do is call a tow place or the police.. so we call the Scheels- a sweet senior couple in the area, they pick us up and we check out Dr. Hooks towing place- there it is! so im laughing the whole time- S.R is upset and almost crying.. ugh. im bad. but we bail out the car- dont worry it was only 70$.. A PIECE!!!!! so 140 ticket! yikes Dr. Hook.. so that was an adventure.. but hey we took pictures by the "ho0k" truck- so hopefully well feel better later on in life and laugh.. ahha.

well a lot went on this week. thats just the good stuff that i can think of off the top of my head.. Oh and we had preperation day activity today- the last day (so they say) we are going to play football- so we went to the usual field and geese were ALL over and 1,000 geese= 10,000 geese poops!! it was SSSOOO sick! people were slipping and falling all over in the poop! I accidently slipped and punched one of the Elders in the head!! i felt so bad because then he fell- poop all over his back and a red fist print on his head! WWHHHOOOPS! haha but it was all good fuN!
Oh- if anyone would PLEASE look for boots for me for winter- tell me how much they would be- make sure you include shipping- I bought a pair today for 110$, and i know i make a lot of money as a missionary (kidding i dont make ANYTHING), but i would like to "price shop" ssoo if you can check on Ebay or just FROOGLE.com and put in this informatino , see how much YOU can get them for and I can return these and pay you for them.. PLEASE let me know- I want this exact pair though- they are really really good boots (MADE for the 40- weather).. so please please let me know so i can save SOME money!
This is the info on them- brand is "SOREL" and they are womens black boots- they are size 8 and oh man.. i forgot to look at the style.. umm..BUT on the receipt it says: "snowlion, black lds sorel winter utility boot" sssooo check that out.. but let me know asap- i will pay you for them!

well i love the work here!! its ssoo good! I love the gospel and i get more and more excited to share it everyday! I love working with the people in canada! and i Love reading and learning about the scriptures.. it seriously brightens my day and teaches me so much! i know this church is true. i know that Joseph smith is a prophet- i know the Lord asked him to be the prophet because he was so humble- a 3rd grade education- he was such a wonderful man. he restored the same cgospel Christ had so we could live it today. I know we can be made "whole" through the atonement. i know Christ and our Heavenly Father NEVER give up on us. I know this is where we can find a fullness of joy! i love this gospel. thank you all for your support and help as im out here. i truly appreciate it and know you will be blessed for your help and efforts!!
I love you all!
OH tomorrow we get our tranfer calls! YIKES!! dont be scared to write or email me!!
SIster Horning
845 Shaftesbury BLvd.
Winnipeg, MB R3Pom5
Love you!-Sister horning
ppss! Kathie- how is the office and your life going!!! Mary I love you and hope you received my letter!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's this, What's this!!?

Why hello again dearest friends! So this last week has FLOWN by.. Thanksgiving was there.. uuumm.. we ate SO much food..
and hhmm.. oh we had teaching evaluations.. so things went PRETTY quick like.. So Amber set a date!!! Shes praying about
being Baptized on Nov. 21. He brother Dallas has set the date of Nov. 14. So that is SSOO good.. oh and dont even worry-
some of the less actives we have been trying to call for MONTHS FINALLY called us back! what a blessing! and she came to the
stake dance, loved it! ugh. such a blessing.. oh and dont worry- yes we just had a miracle today- we had met with this lady
once- about a month ago but shes Jehovas Witness- they pretty much cut off all conact with someone if they see them
associating or meeting iwth anyone (mainly missionaries) from another church- so she had to be way secret.. well we received
a call from her asking about temple marriages- random.. then we received a message over a month later saying she prayed
about the BofM and knows its true! she wants to start taking the lessons!!! what a blessing!!! we wont be teaching her- there
are now sisters in the area that are for the west end of town- shes over 30 so they will teach her.. i beleive.. but that is SO
good! ugh. i love the tender lil blessings we get from Heavenly Father- SSOO good.. Sister Reynders and I taught the Gospel
Principle class yesterday at church- it was on Eternal Marriage- ugh the lesson wenT SSOO well. we really put a lot into it and
prepared it pretty well.. BUT the comments from the class was what 'made' the lesson! i learned SO much from everyones
comments! I loved it SOO much. Ok so we were talking about being 'sealed' in the temple and how if we dont get married by
the CORRECT authority- God cant 'recognize' our marriage and therefore in heaven we arent married to that person anymore..
we all want to be married for time and ALL eternity- and without being married by the proper authority- truth is- we wont be..
so about the sealings- Elder Masters (hes part of a 'senior couple' from utah, hes teaching the institute class- and is SSSOOO
good. he has SO much insight and knowlege), he explained this (dont worry he said it much better and with greater clarity)..-
that in the ancient times they would send documents and use wet clay- stamping a ring or imprint in it making a 'seal'.. when
there were fires that burnt building(back in 'the day'), they ruined the documents, but the clay seal was still there- add fire to
the clay and it turns to ceramic- you cant have ceramic become 'loose' it cant come undone unless you BREAK the ceramic.. so
thinking parallel- the Imprint on the clay is Heavenly Father. The fire that turns the clay to ceramic is the Holy Ghost and
when we make a covenant in the temple with the Lord- we are bound in heaven and on earth.. the ONLY way it will not work
is if WE BREAK it.. if we dont live up to our end of the bargin! isnt that SOO neat! i didnt know or think about that before. but
it makes so much sense! Ah i love the gospel and the truth in it. as we go to the institute class- we have an investigator
amber that attends so we get to 'tag along and listen', i learn SO much about the symbolism that the Lord has in His church..
its ssooo good.. and to me, even MORE prroof that THIS IS THE TRUE church- after the SAME system and gospel that Christ
was teaching while He was on the earth. there are so many things to learn. ugh il ove it.. Oh and last night we had a potluck-
and the Masters spoke a bit about their living in Jerusalem- they were there for a total of (i think) 3 or 4 years. they taught an
institute class there.. wow.. they have so much insight and knowlege. Elder masters was sharing the neatest stories.. ugh i
wish i had my notes and time to share it all! if you want to know, email me and ill exaplain it better!.. but things are SOO
good.. i do have to go- but i KNOW this church is true. i know that ONLY through Christ are we able to have a JOYFUL life and
be able to return to our Heavenly Father again. I know that Jospeh Smith was a true prophet, that he did so much for the
church. I know that we can be married throughout all eternities.. i know that we are loved. i konw the gospel IS the way to
true happiness and i know that the book of Mormon is true. I know that it inspires us and lets us know what we can do to
have a greater happiness and come closer to christ. I love this gospel and i will never deny any part of it.
Thank you so much for all of youre love and support as im out here.. please keep your prayers up for me and all the
missionaries.. do missionary work yourself too!
i love you and hope youre doing well!
OH and thanks for the scriptures! They came in today dad!! Thank you All that help me!
Love Sister HOrning