Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec 20 Crystal's last transfer

Merrry CHristmas in a few days!!! I hope you all have an enjoyable day- spent with family, friends and those you do service for.. This week has been pretty good! we got our transfer calls- Im staying and "dying" (yeah weird/creepy mission vocab- meaning im ending my mission life here) in Saskatoon.. Im excited! and ill be comps with sister dunn! yes! i love it. S marble has been stressed about transfers and stressed that we go home soon. i think its 7 weeks left.. dear Soras are home from their missions!!! I love them- Sora Holden and Olson!! (Sora Holden- please email me- i dont have your post mish information!).. and its all coming to a close end.. its hitting me more and more as the days go on.. BUT Im excited about Christmas!! dad- I received the CD you sent- thank you! well its in the mission office- hopefully ill get it in time to open it! umm other than that.. things are going well. i wish i had a ton to say- but we have to go because we are diong service today for a member- so that cuts into our pday time.. oh well. have a great day! i know this church is true and im excited to celebrate Christmas- the celebration of Christs birth! without Him- nothing would be possible! i love this gospel and i love this work! love you all!
sister horning

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dec 6. 1986

YEP.. I was born today 24 years ago!!! thank you for all the Birfday emails! i loved them! since (as usual), i dont have much time- ill make this quick and tell about how my day has gone- I went to sleep last night super sick and bummed because on Fri at Zone conf- Prez paulson said that we cant play cards on pdays anymore.. UGH.. thats my favorite- to play scum with the elders!!! so yep- no scum on my bday :(.. then I was told last night there was no FHe tonight.. UGH. my other fave thing.. well.. it is what it is.. so i went to sleep early and awoke this morning at 6.10 as usual-to pray before my comp gets up.. and I found postit notes all over hte house!! sssoo cute! s marble was putting them all over wtih cute lil things on them. Thank you! shes cute.. then the elders called and sang me a bday song and hung up.. then as i was getting in the shower i pulled open the curtain to find the tub FILLED with balloons!!! of course i loved it and yelped!! i was ssoo happy! then s marble throw home made confetti at me as i exitedthe shower- yes!! shes ssoo good..and i keep finding cute notes with "old" jokes on them.. one even said- "now youre almost as old as sister barclay" ahha. oh and Court- we stopped by stephanie yesterday and she asked where my "older" friend was.. shhahahahaha.. i love it. anyways.. then we get to Preperation activity- i can FINALLY play.. and a set of elders brought me a jones soda and 2 reeses oh henry bars! they know me all too well! another set brought me cookies and they all sang to me..i loved it so much! Oh.. and then we played bball and ratsmear- my favorite games.. and then i heard that 6 of the elders TRASHED our appartment.. i havent seen it yet.. but i heard they wrote on all of our stuff- flipped over all our beds adn literally TRASHED it.. i saw a few pictures.. its hilarious.. but ugh.. now we gotta clean it.. there were a few who offered to help.. they said the pictures were taken abut mid point of the disaster.. ugh. THEN we ate wing world- my fave and played 2 truths and a lie.. it was really fun.. oh then i received 2 more candy bars from another companionship.. ohh man. the elders are my favorite!! i have had a great bday so far! tahnk you all! its been way better than i thought it wouldbe and way better last year- mainly because pretty much just stef shumps, a efw ysa sisters and e. schulte arethe only ones who remembered it was my bday.. yeah my comp forgot.. well its all good! thanks again!

well a efw things from this week- we had zone conf.. my last one! it was really weird because i was to bear my 'final' testimny- i dont feel like im going home soon so it was really weird.. well im not going home soon- in 2 months.. thats a ways a way.. umm but we got a really cute scarf from the mission presidency in s'toon and csome coookies.. it was a ton of fun.. we talked a lot about finding.. that 2was fun and pumped me for the work..
we met with brendaand atalked about baptism.. shes getting there!! but ehr hubby is NOT being supportive.. he said we shouldnt talk about baptism OR church with her.. he doesnt have faith in her changing.. its really sad.. i think he holds her back a bit.. but thats pretty much the highlights.. we will be able to start finding this week. FINALLY . im pumped! we have had to stay inside and only go to appiointments the last 2 weeks.. ugh. im ready to go preach the word! im doing well. love you all! have a great day!
sister horning