Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec 20 Crystal's last transfer

Merrry CHristmas in a few days!!! I hope you all have an enjoyable day- spent with family, friends and those you do service for.. This week has been pretty good! we got our transfer calls- Im staying and "dying" (yeah weird/creepy mission vocab- meaning im ending my mission life here) in Saskatoon.. Im excited! and ill be comps with sister dunn! yes! i love it. S marble has been stressed about transfers and stressed that we go home soon. i think its 7 weeks left.. dear Soras are home from their missions!!! I love them- Sora Holden and Olson!! (Sora Holden- please email me- i dont have your post mish information!).. and its all coming to a close end.. its hitting me more and more as the days go on.. BUT Im excited about Christmas!! dad- I received the CD you sent- thank you! well its in the mission office- hopefully ill get it in time to open it! umm other than that.. things are going well. i wish i had a ton to say- but we have to go because we are diong service today for a member- so that cuts into our pday time.. oh well. have a great day! i know this church is true and im excited to celebrate Christmas- the celebration of Christs birth! without Him- nothing would be possible! i love this gospel and i love this work! love you all!
sister horning

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