Monday, November 30, 2009

What the heck it's almost December!!

What is going on.. seriously. the time is FLYING. anyhow.. this email will be "flying" because we have a baptism to get to soon! yikes.. well.. story goes.. ALEXANDRA IS GETTING BAPTIZED! well actuallly not until the 5th.. but im still excited- the interview went perfect! so this week has been insane.. this morning i woke up to do laundy and in my Gs only bag i found something odd.. hhmm.. HOT PINK G-Units (apostate i know). I dont know what happened.. but i washed a pair a few nights ago and then they were a bit wet and but them with the others.. what in the world. i didnt know it would dye all my stuff pinK!!! what the.. so i had to throw out FOUR pairs of underclothes!! SO sad.. so yes. thats what i would like for christmas! haha.. the cotton ones.. anyways.. sad day.. but then this week i saw a guy walking out of his home- he was wearing a sweater, beard, BIG green doc martin type boots, and SKIN TIGHT flesh colored thermals- that look like tights... so weird.. and he was wearing a HUGE grin.. he was just LOVING life.. so of course i snapped a shot- but its blurry:( boo. anyhow.
That was exciting.. so some folks asked me what i want for christmas.. sorry i have to make this email short- i have a baptism in 2 minutes!
but i want (if anything.. if nothing then please dont stress it! i stil love you!)
Terriaky beef jerky
uniball jetstream pens (the dont freeze in the winter! so i can write!)
post it notes- all colors, shapes and sizes
warm thick tights- solid colors or argyle -sp
Raffaello Candies.
and that it no time goota go. love you! sister horning

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Comments from the COLD by Sister Horning!

Hello Hello!!! Seriously.. WHERE is time going? i dont even know.. Its already Monday again! AND the middle of November! what in the WORLD!! well- Life is going well! i love love love the mission so much! here are a FEW updates- Alexandra is getting baptized Dec. 5th- yes, the day before my birthday!! i wanted to have it on my birthday, but its a Sunday- so i settled for the day before! I am SSOO excited for her! she is a miracle! shes the one that met with us and told us she was atheist and that she ONLy came to church to support her member boyfriend.. we have been working with her over the last 2 months or so and she has progressed SSOO much! we had a meeting with her and the day was going TERRIBLE up to that point.. well not so terrible! I received a package from my WONDERFUL homeward filled with outterwear goods! they are ssoo sweet- thanks Chelse, Bishop and ward! so that really made my day wonderful.. but before then was bad. i mean really bad. Sister Sullivan and I got into a HUGE argument and it was just really bad (but it turned out well in the end).. so we were just calming down and trying to invite the spirit when Alexandra walks in- tells us she needs to tell us something before we begin teaching.. "I want to get baptized" she calmly states!! YES!!! so that made our night/day for SURE! WHAT a blessing! shes SSOO excited to get baptised and take the steps to come closer to Christ.. AH.. i love the Gospel! hhmm.. once again- nothing too great or out of the "norm" has happend here recently.. WELL.. except that we had 4 people to church on Sunday and we had 15 lessons with members/return appointments- which is both way better than we usually do! so we can see this area grown and progress. i love it so much! the Lord really does bless us. we havent worked ANY harder this week- yet the Lord has been preparing people! sssoo good. OH- we met Kelci- shes a LOVElY young lady who plays volley ball for team Canada- so if Canada goes to the Olymics for Vball- she will be one of the ones playing! IN-tense.. shes a member and ssoo cute and ultra sweet! i love her! we have been talking a lot with the members about missionary work and inviting their friends.. i hope you are all being wonderful missionaries and inviting others to come closer to Christ! Members HoNESTLY make the biggest difference in peoples lives!
Well. i better go now.. I love you all! thanks again for everything you have done! please keep me updated wtih pictures, letters and emails! Erica- ill send you a CD with pictures thus far on my mission- please add some on here so people can see them- ONLYif you have time.. thank you for all you do!
love you!
Love sSister Horning

Friday, November 13, 2009

Another week, another email from ME!!

Hey hey! HOw is life in the states Eh!? things are so good here! we are working hard and the lord is really blessing us! we are working more with the memebers and expressing the importance of FELLOWSHIPPING people! be a friend to EVERYONE.. seriously. this is the best thing you can do! we have been workinng with a few investigators- SSOO good.. we are seeing progress in all of them! YES i love it! the area is really starting to BOOm. President Paulson is really really on top of things here.. he truly is inspired! I love the mission and the blessings the lord POURS out on us! i wish i had a ton of time to write- but i dont.. hey its ok- my thoughts are pretty blank as it is! well. i am so greatful to be here on a mission. i see myself improve daily! the lord really will answer our prayers and help us be or give us opportunities to be the people we want to be! I love it! I know this church is true and the leaders are truly inspired by the lord. i know the gospel will change our lives- please follow it! Thank you for helping me get here.. OH! if anyone will be SO kind and get some addresses for me- check my facebook page or something and email these people and ask for their addresses- i would GREATLY appreciate it!!
Shae Tandy, Brook Jacobson, Stephanie Robie, Ashleigh Miller, Sandra Renton, Brandy Jensen..
Please give me their addresses! I really would love to talk to them! Thanks again! enjoy Thanksgiving.. we already had ours here :(
hahah.. love you!
love Sister horning