Friday, November 13, 2009

Another week, another email from ME!!

Hey hey! HOw is life in the states Eh!? things are so good here! we are working hard and the lord is really blessing us! we are working more with the memebers and expressing the importance of FELLOWSHIPPING people! be a friend to EVERYONE.. seriously. this is the best thing you can do! we have been workinng with a few investigators- SSOO good.. we are seeing progress in all of them! YES i love it! the area is really starting to BOOm. President Paulson is really really on top of things here.. he truly is inspired! I love the mission and the blessings the lord POURS out on us! i wish i had a ton of time to write- but i dont.. hey its ok- my thoughts are pretty blank as it is! well. i am so greatful to be here on a mission. i see myself improve daily! the lord really will answer our prayers and help us be or give us opportunities to be the people we want to be! I love it! I know this church is true and the leaders are truly inspired by the lord. i know the gospel will change our lives- please follow it! Thank you for helping me get here.. OH! if anyone will be SO kind and get some addresses for me- check my facebook page or something and email these people and ask for their addresses- i would GREATLY appreciate it!!
Shae Tandy, Brook Jacobson, Stephanie Robie, Ashleigh Miller, Sandra Renton, Brandy Jensen..
Please give me their addresses! I really would love to talk to them! Thanks again! enjoy Thanksgiving.. we already had ours here :(
hahah.. love you!
love Sister horning

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