Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nose Surgery Nov 22, 2010

Hey miss man! thank you for the letter! I thought you and dad didnt write- i just got your emails now.. well i wont write a family email.. but if you wouldnt mind- emailing this update to the family.. well i had nose surgery- i was having a hard time breathing and it was free to do it here- so i prayed and felt ok about doing it.. im healing really well- and continuing to take it easy.. so ive been sleeping a lot and trying to recoup.. i have another week inside though.. then we can go out.. but with teh cold we are to limit actiivities to a FEW appointments a week- MAYBE one a day.. so it will be pretty lax.. hopefully ill be full and running soon. i cant stand being stuck in the house and not working. ugh. but im excited to be able to breathe. yes! wel. thats about it for here. ill email more later.. love you so much! i got your letter and im mainling you one out soon. and tell ND fam im maliling the ornament today or tomorrow. this nose thing has delayd me.. but ill send it out this week. k love you so much!
sister horning

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

nov. 16 2010

Hello Hello from the Great white North! Hey ya Hosers! Well well. Sora Holden- im PUMPED you are with s. Olsen and an AP! ahha thats great.. of COURSE YOU would be! i love reading your emails- they seriously make me want to be a better missionary! youre always so pumped and excited about the work! you get home a transfer before me- so you and Olsen BETTER be at my home coming.. or else..
well- this transfer has already started off great! me and S marble (MY MTC comp), we are getting along great- no big surprise.. shes amazing.. we have scheduled a TON of appointments wtih our potential investigators and already have members lined up and all! s marble is SSOO good on the phone- she seriously is ssoo good on the phone and bares her testimony- which is ssoo sincere.. i love it.. we are already a good pair- i HATE talking on the phone and she LOVES it and is great at it.. and she does not like contacting but i LOVE it.. so we will work well.. yes! there are ssoo many miracles and blessing we are going to have poor out on us!
theres a Scripture i wanted to share and a great quote i got from one of the members here.. speaking of members- court- LANA came to church and FINALLY said shed be taught by us! this is what happened.. i came up to her (ps shes a members friend- had been coming to activities and institute and church.. but said she didnt want to learn after we asked her about 3 times).. i came up to her and didnt ask this time- i just SAID.. "lana- so this is the deal.. me and s marble are going to teach you and baptize you.. ok?" she said ok.. then i told ehr i was serious and her friend said shed come back for it (shes moving to BYUI in dec).. dont worry i told her shell be baptized before her friend leaves.. haha. but then i was talking about it with her for a minute.. then later on i asked her and she scheduled a time! what a miracle!! i love it! oh and court- youll need to design the tees for this zone- since you left and took your talent wtih you.. ugh..
ok so back to the scripture.. its 3 nephi 12.13- this is Christ speaking to the people in the ancient Americas 34 AD- after He was resurrected and came to visit these people
" Verily, Verily, I say unto you, I give unto you to be the salt of the earth; but if the salt shall lose its savor wherewith shall the earth be salted? the salt shall be thenceforth good for nothing, but to be trodden under foot of men. 14. Verily verily, I say unto you, I give unto you to be the light of this people. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid."

Heres a quote that i received in relation to that scripture- "among the ancient Hebrews, salt was used as a preservative, in seasoning food, and in all animal sacrifices. So essential was it to the sacrificial ordinance that it was a symbol of the covenant made between God and His people in connection wtih that sacred performance. Accordingly, our Lords statement first to the Jews then to the great body of Hebrews- the Nephites; that they had power in other words "to be the salt of the earth", takes great significance.. they had power, in other words, to be the preserving influence in the world, the influence which would bring peace and blessing to all others." -Bruce R Mckonkie
-- "a world renowned chemist told me that salt will never loose its savor with age. savor is lost through mixture and contamination."- carlos e. asay
I love that quote and scripts.. it really puts it into perspective for me.. that we are the ones to preserve others! i love this gospel i know that its true! The Lord Jesus Christ is the Savior of our Earth.. He has died and risen for us so we too can live again! i love our dear Father in Heaven.. He truly is mindful to all of us and what we need. He will never leave us! put your trust in The Lord continually. I better go. I love you all! sister horning
ps- JOrd.. how are you!? love you!