Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nose Surgery Nov 22, 2010

Hey miss man! thank you for the letter! I thought you and dad didnt write- i just got your emails now.. well i wont write a family email.. but if you wouldnt mind- emailing this update to the family.. well i had nose surgery- i was having a hard time breathing and it was free to do it here- so i prayed and felt ok about doing it.. im healing really well- and continuing to take it easy.. so ive been sleeping a lot and trying to recoup.. i have another week inside though.. then we can go out.. but with teh cold we are to limit actiivities to a FEW appointments a week- MAYBE one a day.. so it will be pretty lax.. hopefully ill be full and running soon. i cant stand being stuck in the house and not working. ugh. but im excited to be able to breathe. yes! wel. thats about it for here. ill email more later.. love you so much! i got your letter and im mainling you one out soon. and tell ND fam im maliling the ornament today or tomorrow. this nose thing has delayd me.. but ill send it out this week. k love you so much!
sister horning

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