Monday, March 15, 2010


Good morning! Today is already starting to be a great day! its soo beautiful out here in Regina! I love it here! im SO excited for this transfer.. well for a few reasons. 1. The area needs quite a bit of help 2. new area- FINALLY 3. my comp Sister Drake is AMAZING 4. The Gospel is TRUE! well. weve been working really hard to get a hold of less active members and people that are former investigators- clean up our area books and work through the members.. we have been seeing success already! a few miracle stories.. 1. we had 15 women in relief society this week!!! last week we had 6.. sso improvements for SURE! we have been stopping by peoples homes and one home we stopped by an older lady answered the door- she was really sweet but really confused when we asked if this girl was home.. turns out the lady is Sister Henrie- a member and the girl had been liviing with her quite a few months ago.. well we asked if we could just share a quick scripture before we leave- so she let us in and we just chatted for a bit.. then left a thought.. she said that she had a few girls that she worked with before and they asked her questions about the gospel. she said she is going to try and contact them so we might just have a few referrals!! soo good! what a blessing! she is SSOO sweet and the spirit was so strong in her home! i love it! well all i can say is that the lord really blesses us when we do all we can- he makes up the rest.
I have learned soo much on my mission so far and ive only been out 8 months-today!!(only in canada for 7.5) But i love learning about the gospel! Its soo true! i love looking back and seeing how much ive grown! im slowly becoming the person i want and am meant to be! the more we learn about the atonement and jesus christ, the more we truly learn about ourselves and our purpose here on this earth. its such a blessing to be serving the lord! ive really noticed the attitude we have toward things in life effect us ssoo much! we need to be sure we stay postitive and tell ourselves we CAN do what we want to do! aahh.. i wish i was better with explaining myself. but i ,love being so close to the spirit. i can truly see the impact it has on others when i rely on the Lord- not my own wisdom. ive seen that i take time to think about the things i say, think and do.. slowly refining myself. its great! there are a few situations that i get into where i dont like the way i conduct myself.. backhome- i would move, leave the situation, avoid the people or places.. and figure id get a ' flesh start'.. this is TERRIBLE! ive learned how to deal with life better and to help myself grow! i cant just leave a situation or move anymore! i have to stay and DEAL with whatever ive done here! ssoo that causes me to THINK before i act.. when i think good thoughts and have good intentions for things- then i make better decisions and i dont want to 'flee' from what happened. this is SOO good for me to learn! anyhow.. i love that the lord knows we are weak and STILL continues to work with us. i love seeing the changes and happiness brought into others lives because of the gospel. i knw the church is true. i know it because its changed my whole life! like Bishop Baum told me numerous times- the first time i met him to now.. all the changes that have been made in my life! its amazing! Im so much of a better person. i dont say these things to tell you how great i am- but to tell you that Christ does that! he can change ANYONE and help them be better. be the person we WANT to be. i love it! we just need to have faith.. not only faith in Christ. but faith in what WE can do with him! well. i hope you all are doing well. i miss you and love you all! please continue to press forward and PLEASE pray. PLEASE read the scriptures. if we all in this world only UNDERSTOOD a TINY bit of how important this life is and how important the gospel it- we would all be and strive to be so much better. o promise you that the Lord hasnt given up on you! please turn to our Heavenly Father and LEARN about Him and our Saviour! you will never regret it! i love you all so much!
love you!
love sister Horning

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 09, 2010 Crystals Comments

Happy March! well. Here I am.. In Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I love it! Im companions with S. Drake and I love her! Ugh.. so lets start with back in Winnipeg, Manitoba... i was trying to pack my 7 months of life and inherited goods into 2 suitcases and one lil bag.. joke of the day... we didnt have much time to pack because we were so busy with appointments- which is ssoo good.. but it left pretty much everything until the morning i was to leave. Yikes.. well with a lot of help from the Lord and sister Sullivan, i was able to get most of my stuff packed in and ready to go. transfers went great! so the first couple of days was sooo good.. we stopped by former investigators and some less active members and a few members.. NOW we have someone to teach and a few members to start working with! EXCITING! church on sunday was great! fast and testimony! i love it! so the ward here meets in a strip mall- next to a subway so all fast sunday it smelt like the delicious bread! gulp! and theres about.. 18 members that show up to church? let me think.. 6 women and about 8 or 9 men? something like that.. so its REALLY small. im excited to help get the area growing! i love it because even though its so small- the lord still has a place provided for them! when you go into the church it has the same type of stuff all the other ones have- just a LOT smaller.. the whole place is probably about 100 sq. feet.. but really.. haha. i love it!

So I dont like milk therefor i dont drink it that often. wellive come to a conclusion.. Im lactose intolerant! I havent drank straight milk for a while.. but i eat dairy products.. So lets look back on the last 7 months..ive been having terrible stomach pains my first 2 transfers and would be SSOO sick to my stomach.. they thought it was stress.. but it just wouldnt go away, no matter what exercises i did.. Looking back- i was eating icecream and yogurt EVERYDAY of that transfer! So one day i saw soy milk in the fridge and i like soy milk, so i drank it.. scary- my throat swelled up and it was hard for me to breathe and my lips got HUGE and my face and chest were red and had what look liked a rash or hives.. well after 2 days of drinking that milk i realized i must be allergic to it (thanks to Heavenly Father having that come to mind!). i would have NEVER guessed i was allergic to it! ive had soy milk TONS of times and NEVER reacted to it! WEIRD. well.. then a few transfers later i would get bad stomach pains and throw up randomly and have 'bathroom' problems.. Well we ate a lot of cheese and sour cream! looking back in Utah- i would randomly throw up out of nowhere (Emily Frame knows what i mean!), and i couldnt control it, it was just 'normal'.. NOW over the last 2 days ive had cereal and milk and just 2 big glasses of milk with breakfast.. i was SICK as a dog to my stomach. it hurt SSOO bad and id be in the washroom for about an hour i was so ill.. BOTH days. then we had icecream and i threw up again.. came to my mind- maybe im lactose intolerant! so i noticed when i dont drink or eat daily im fine! uggh.. well thats my fun journey i was on~! i am SSSOOO glad to find this out! all this time i thought me puking randomly was 'normal' and that i just was 'borne' with stomach pains! ugh. now i am limited to what i eat- but i will save myself from pain and waste of time in the washroom! ahha.. i dont know about you- but i was/am excited for the discoverY!
anyways-something i have been so excited about is goals and DISCIPLINE! which i dont have a lot of! But i was listening to a fireside that was talking about prioritizing whats important in this life and holding out for something that will be better later! we neeed to not do things in our time- but the lords time and the lords way. we need to start taking responsibility for our actions and not saying 'they made me', 'its not my fault' and whatever other excuses we can come up with! we need to be in CHARGE of our lives and our goals.. our plans and dreams. we need to not let others discouragement get in the way of what we want to do! when we set big/ longterm goals and then plan them out with short term goals leading us there- then we can stay focused and not let others bring us down! we need to make sure that we are positive and if things dont work out, its only us who can be at fault or change that! aaaww.. maybe that was just for me.. but i love that. i love setting goals and plans! i have a TON of plans and things i want to accomplish and at times i get overwhelmed.. so i also learned that things need to be prioritized! PRAY about what we want our goals to be and how we can achieve them! we need to do things on the lords time and in His way! then we will know they are in the correct order.. i love it.
recently as ive been reading my scriptures, ive noticed so many things in the bible and book of mormon that i remember and can cross reference. i love it! it helps me remember what im reading and what is going on in each book! ssoo good! well. i better go! I do have a request.. well 2 requests. 1. if anyone sees a cute/ really good journal and thinks of me- please send one! im looking for one for my nightly journaling and my study journal for morning studies.. ive been looking for good/cute ones here and ive found nothing- well unless i want to pay about 25$.. and thats just way too much.. but i might have to give in! i just know US stuff is way cheaper than canada.. well if not- no worries! but 2. i challenge everyone to read from the book of mormon and bible each day! BOTH of them! even if its just a chapter! but i promise you will be able to understand them better, get closer to Christ and Heavenly Father and i know your testimony will grow! i also know you will be able to apply what you learn (if you want to). the Lord will help you! ive started reading from the beginning of the old testament, new testament and bof m so i read at least a chapter from each each day. it really helps me understand them and realize how true they all are, understand that the Lord is the same yesterday and today and forever.. i just love them all! please do and update me on how your studies go! k love you all! i hope everything is great! please let me knowhow life and the family is! love you!
Sister Horning