Monday, September 28, 2009

Crystal's Update Sep 28 09

Hello Family and Friends that I consider Family! So this week is great!! My sister had a baby boy!!! YES. he is SSOO cute! I just wanna spank his lil bum bum!
This week is so great actually. We have 2 new investigators!! One is Jamie- shes First Nation (indian) and she really wants to turn her life around. she has had some really hard times and is ready to make some serious improvements in her life. shes 24 and really good.
Amber is the 2nd one. she is SOO great! I love her so much. Weve met with her 2 times this last week and set up daily contact where we talk with her everyday- see how shes doing. yeah she LOVES it and said shereally likes knowing that we care about her. Shes starting to pray and starting to read the book of mormon. shes way shy until you get to know her a bit and she has a pretty.. uumm.. hard past. shes ready to move on and get going on her LIFE. i love it. shes great- she went to institute last week and LOVED it. mind you she has NO religious background and knows nothing about the bible or anything- so were starting on ground 0. im so excited for her and the changes that will be made in her life.
OH and we are meeting with ALexandra! shes great toO! shes Gfs with one of our members. I love her so much! Shes atheist and just interested iin the church to support her BF and to see what we are all about. i love her- shes so into learning and betteringher life. yes imexicted about these ladies!
So.. Sorry this will be so short- i gotta make like a granny in a walker and scoot!.. Ive been reading about the Christ Like Attributes and today I read about Obedience. I also read from Helamen 9,10,11 and 12 today. The scriptures can totally apply to us if we want them to and let them! Its so exciting! In the 11 and 12 chapter the Lord tells Nephi that whatever he tells the people- like promises blessing or 'cursings' that the lord will make it happen.. Well i dont know about you but thats a LOt of power given to one man. well anyways. the people end up fighting and killing eachother- the naughty ones do- Nephi PLEADS to the lord that they will have a famine so they might be humble rather than kill eachother. well the Lord grants that and the people start to become humble again.. anyways youll have to read it to get the whole story- but i LOVE how the Lord doesnt tell us what is best.. just like the story with Brother Of jared that has the Lord touch the rocks to make light in the ship (the book of Ether).. anyways. the Lord asks them what they think will work best. he does this not to be cruel, but to get us thinking. have us gain confidence in ourselves as well as to learn! BAH. there are so many things we can learn from the scriptures- so much we can take out of them.. but thats a lot of what i learned- if we come up wiht a 'problem' in our lifes- we can pray for help and strength, but WE need to be the ones to figure it out.. rely on the spirit to help us know what we need to do- but also not just wait aroundn and expect the lord to do all the work! ALSO when I read about obedience- ah. i love it.. there are SO many good scriptures in there.. ps- if you get the chance- purchase adn read Preach My Gospel. Its SOOO good. anyhow- the Lord gives us commandments for our bennefit. he does it so he can bless us. He is a Just God- just like your kids- if they are being naughty and not studying for a test- they take it and fail- the teacher cant give them a good grade! we need to realize and remember that the lord gives us commandments for our safety, protection and our good- to help us be better people. He is our FATHER. a perfect ftather- think of a perfect earthly father- he wants whats best for his kids- wants to help them but the kids have to learn on their own sometimes too.. ah. i love it. i wish i could express myself a lot better on here as well as focus on my spelling and grammer- but this annoying clock is in my face reminding me that i have only minutes to express my hours and days of study!

Another huge point that stood out to me- In our Gospel Principles class- (get that book and read it too- SSOO good), we were talking about eternal marriage. Elder Kirkland (my zone leader- hes SOO great), gave us a great example- i hope this makes sense.. well he was teaching a man and woman who were from Africa and married by the tribe in Africa. In their culture and tribes they were married, had the bennefits of being married and noticed as married. They moved to Canada and Canada didnt recognize the means by which they were married in Africa- so it was Void. They were not treated as married, they dont get the "blessings" or bennefits of being married.. so they had to get married again in Canada so it would be valid here. WELL. same goes for Marriagehere. If we dont get married by the proper authority and in the place God recognizes as "correct" (the Temple), then when we "move" to where God is(heaven-after we die), then the Lord will not recognize our marriages. The marriage will be for time on earth. We need to do things the Lords way for Him to recognize it. If we want to be with our families throughout all time and live with God again, we NEED to get married in the temple. this is such an imoportant thing! The lords commandments are NOT hard. By small steps to do what he asks us (and only for our good), then great things come to pass. By being an active member of the church- that doesnt mean we will have a perfect family. we wont be tempted, we wont have hard times and trials.. but i can PROMISE you this.. things will be So much easier- we will have an eternal perspective- to know if what we are doing will bring us closer or further from the Lord. We will be able to show more love and charity as well as put things into perspective. I know this because ive lived it. i know this because Ive prayed about it and looked into it. i know this because Ive seen families grow stronger when they are focused around the lord. I KNOW this church is true and you WILL find the greatest happiness if you are really looking for it. well..

this is all my preaching for the day. i do have to go.. OH- family and or friends.. for an early Birthday/Christmas present i wou LOVE a MINI tripple combo and bible- the separate leather ones with Crystal Gail on em. this makes it easier for me to take with me as a prosolyte and i want them for my "mission scriptures".. if this is something that you would like to all pitch it- i would make up the difference- i know money doesnt grown on trees.. but i was asked a few times waht i wanted for my birhtday in dec. and this is all i want.. i would like to get them soon so i can start using them.. but if not- then someone please let me know and ill purchase them on my own.. ugh. i hope i dont sound like a brat for asking!! yikes! well i love you and miss you. please email or write me. i love hearing from you!
Take care!
Sister Horning

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sep23 LEtter from THE Crystal!

WWHHHHYYYY Heellllooo there!
So IM stressed. No letters. Again. WAIT! Thomas wrote me. what a dear friend. So transfers happend! AAANNNDDD.. I STAYED! Im still in Winnipeg YSA with SIster Reynders! I love her and we are SO excited! There is SOO much work to be done here-we are READY to rock and roll with it! SSOO over this last week- here are the updates.. uumm.. we went to this place called the "CLothes Closet", women donate dressy work clothes, shoes purses etc. and this CC takes them and hangs them then they have women who need nice clothes for interviews and such come in and they can choose 2 outfits!! Isnt that great! Its so nice for the women who are on the streets and what other circumstances they are in., I think its just wonderful they have that!
I learned the NEATEST thing this week. Its call a "Tim Tam Slam".. OOH be sitting for this.. its Great! What it is is a chocolate cookie sandwhich thing with chocolate on the outside.. its a rectangle- you bite off one corner at the top- then one off the opposite side at the bottom.. then you have hot chocolate- put part of the cookie at the bottom then drink out the other side of the cookie- making it 'melt'.. then once it starts to get soft you SLURP the cookie up.. yes. SLURP it up.. its SSSOOOO good.. I would send out a box to everyone i knew if i could! They MAY have them in the states. i HIGHLY recommend eating them and trying it.. ugh. this library doenst have a port where i can send pictures or videos.. hhmm.. ill need to fix that.. otherwise id send a video of me and Elder Schulte doing it!! its SSOOO good.. In the mornings Sister Reynders and I play basket ball with the Elders for Our exercise- they are the ones that introduced us. then we went over to a member named Amber, her house and had a "tim Tam Slam' party. There was about 9 or 10 of us.. I loved every second of it!! YIKES... ah im drooling THINKING about it.
So sis. Reynders and I were driving past this pond/lake thing and guess what we HAPPEN to see.. uumm.. guess about 700 CANADIAN GEESE!!! it was SOSSOOO neat! They were all just chillin- having a good ol time in the water and walking all over the grass.. dont worry- a picture was taken but ill have to send one later. ugh.
At this time we have like 3 investigators.. yup- digging at the very bottom of the barrel.- bless our hearts. but we are super excited and we KNOW we will improve on that! I am ready for it!
Today we went to check out "Muk-Luks" they are First Nation (Indians) boots. they are WAY neat.. but super expensive.. we drove about 40 minutes to get to this store that has them- we didnt buy any because sis. reynders wants to take time and pick the beadwork (im NOT getting any).. So anyhow. we pass the foodcourt and stop to get some nosh.. well i was all served up at this chinese place and find out they DONT take credit cards OR american dollars unless its exact amount- yeah lame, thats what I thought too.. so the lady tells me to go to the bank and get money. i cant leave without my companion- so just wait til shes done eating and were then about to leave the mall... the Chinese lady takes off her hat and aporn and tells me shes going to take me to the bank so i can pay for the food! WWHHAAT. so shes walks me there! Ugh. the food smelled good so i had to give in- but really- what in the world- shes walking me to pay for this cold food.. ugh. haha. i actually thought it was hilarious. anywade..
So my time is almost up on here. I wanted to share some of my reading from my personal studies.. I was reading in Alma 47 and it talks about Lehonti who is a king posted at the top of a mountain with his troops- how Amalickiah (bad guy just wanting power), asks him 3 times to come off his mountain. Every time Lehonti says no. then Amalickiah goes to almost the top of the mount and tells Lehonti to come down just to that point. well he does it and they scheme a plan that Lehonti will 'capture' amalickiahs city and he just wants to be 2nd in command. well this happens and then Amalickiah has Lehonti "poisoned by degress"until he is slowly killed- then Amalickiah is in charge.. SO point of the story is for us NEVER to come down from our mountains. Never give in and give up our standards.. Never.

Second thing i learned in my morning studies.. I have been reading a lot about the Chris LIke attributes- i LOVe them. Well Charity is my favorite for sure.. I was reading and this may be something you already knew, but it really hit me.. Charity is preventing sins. Charity is the pure love of Christ. if we have Charity- we dont want to hurt ANYbody. and when we sin someone ALWAYS gets hurt.. weather its us, our spouces, family, friends.. whomever.. so if we have charity we will NOT want to sin because we KNOW it will hurt someone! UGH. i LOVE that. think of Christ- he loved EVERYONE and wanted to hurt noone.. and he didnt want to disappoint his father so in a sense that would be pretty easy for him not to sin- He loved others so much more!aahh.. ilove that!
ANOTHER thing.. sister Reynders pointed out to me.. we were talking about descions we make.. well think about this- "would what im doing or watching be suitable for a child to do/watch?" if the answer is NO then why is it ok for us? we have spirirts just as lil children have them. just because we were exposed to things before doesnt mean its ok if we continue that.. really.. would you allow your lil 3 year old to smoke, drink, watch movies with naughty parts in it? well then why are you? wouldnt it hurt us just the same? aahh.. i love that. realizing how HUGE of an impact we have on our tender lil kids.. we really need to think about it. even if they are grown up- they will stlil watch the things we do.

Ok. so i have 2 minutes left. I do have a request from ANYONE that wants to be so kind.. I would like Crest White strips. Here they are over 50$ for the ones that are like 30$ in the states! if anyone will buy them for me and mail them- i can pay you!! Thanks much. I have to go. I love you all and im so excited about this gospel! Thank you for all your love and support!! Love you!
Love sister Horning
845 Shaftesbury BLvd.
Winnipeg, MB R3POM5

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sep 15 Letter from the CRYSTAL!!

Whhyyy HEELLLOO! So this week has flow by-- like a KITE! Yikes! So we are starting to get more appointments- thats GREAT.. and we are contacting the formers here- they are responding pretty well to us!Yesterday in church was amazing, and not only because we taught the Relief Society lesson! hahha.. But the whole day was WAY good! The talks were amazing- everything I needed to hear.. About how we need to think about whats most important in life and do those things... Then Gospel Principles was amazing- talking about Our talents- how we can find out what they are, use them and share them with others! Then our lesson was about the importance of friends- and how hard it would have been for J. Smith to do and go through all the things he did without his amazing wife and friend Emma... and all those that stood by him. I told the members about my 'conversion' story and how if it wasnt for my visting teachers being my friends and showing me love, i more than likely wouldnt be active in teh church or on a mission today!So its so important we are kind and loving to others-go out of our way to help them feel loved and cared about.. yeah it was good.
So sister Reynders and I had the toilet over flow in our appartment!! Bahhahaha.. it was great.. we took the top off the back to see if we could fix it- water started spraying all the way to the ceiling! baabhh.. it was great. dont worry i took a picture and will have to upload it later (sad face).. But we fixed it- a tube broke and i dont know- just needed to be put in the correct place.. something like that. But its ok now! hahaa
Tomorrow are transfer calls! YIKES Im SSOO excited.. I heard that there is a new sister coming in.. but Im not sure.. well have to see! I really hope i stay here- were just getting to really know the members and start getting the city down a bit.. I know Ill go where im needed- But I do hope i get a chance to stay with Sister Reynders and Winnipeg YSA longer!
Things are So good here.. I love it! I wish studies would last all day- I learn SO much in my reading and studies. I know they say this is the only time you have to really study and learn the book Of Mormon- because Life gets too busy after the mission--- oohhh not mine. Im seriously making it a goal and priority to wake up at 6.30 after the mission so I can study for an hour. I LOVe it and gain so many insights every day i read! There is so much about the Gospel- its amazing.. but yet the Gospel is SO simple. its great! I love it. I know the church is true and I know that this is where I need to be now. Im so excited about sharing the Gospel and helping people find a greater happiness in life! Please update me on how youre doing with praying everyday and reading the scriptures daily! I want to know!! K. i love you all! Keep in touch and dont be afraid to send packages filled with goodies!! (wink wink)
OH.. Erica- Thank you for all your updates and everything!! youre the BEST. also- I dont have a tape recorder- but i can buy one im sure.. I cant wait to hear everyone!! HEY when is Celeste having her BeBE? I need to hear details! please update me on everyones lives i love hearing it all! OOHH and did Rochelle or Celeste get my letters? wheres b-ann? tell her to WRITE ME AND SEND PICTURES!!! im serious.
BAH. i gotta go. i love you and miss you all!
PS- Please find out if mom received my letter? I havent heard from her in WEEKS.. thats not normal.. hhmm..
If anyone knows the DG and Gary Nunley, Rose Olsen, Aunt Rita, Evalyn Frees addresses, PLEASE tell me them- I didnt bring ANY addresses with me and i really need to write them a 'thank you' card.

PPS-Emily Frame! YOU NEED TO WRITE AND UPDATE ME! IM SERIOUS. ill be 'expecting' a package. Thanks!
anyone can email me at I will have to respond via snail mail- but hey email me your information!
kiss kiss-Sister Horning

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

News from the Frozen land of CANADA!. Sep 09. 2009

Its another Monday.. WAIT.. Its TUESDAY! yikes! Nothing was opened yesterday so we get a few hours to do shopping and emailing today.. YES YES!well- my mailbox has residents in it.. a sweet lil spider family living there.. they set up a web and all.. hhmm i thank the 'new comers' to all of you that havent written me.. i have to dust off the ol mail box to see the number on it anymore! YIKES!!! bbahahah.. well thank you Erica Lynn and Deidre who write me recently.. i LOVe the pictures you both sent!! thank you thank you!

Well.. this week.. hhmm.. not a ton has gone on.. we have been looking for investigators- working VERY hard on our contacting.. but we havent had any progressing investigators for a while.. this MUST and WLL change! UGH. things are going well though. I love it out here.. I love my companion- shes is hilarious and doesnt realize it. bahahha.. thats the best. its starting to get a bit chillier out and dark a lot earlier in the evening.. uh oh! WINTERpeg.. here i am!! Transfers are next Friday!! YIKES! thats SOO soon.. so next tues. ill see if i stay or go! HOpefully ill stay! I love the members and love the area!
So I didnt realize this.. but do me a favor- look at a map of Winnipeg.. k.. theres about 700,000 people.. then look outside of Winnipeg. ITS AN ISLAND!! ahha.. well as in its this decent sized city and the CLOSEST city is 2 hours away! ahhaha.. what in the world! I didnt realized it was so isolated here! I dont even know what to think about that! Its so beautiful here and the people are GREAT! they have a ton of culture! I love it.
Oh!! Heres an idea!! send tapes! Talk into tapes- have your kids talk into tapes and SEND them to me! I can send some back if youd like.. but id love to hear you and the kids!!
ALSO I have a challenge for EVERYONE.. I want to hear reports on this too!! 1. pray every morning AND night-thank God/Heavenly Father for yur blessings- ASK for what you need in life 3 minutes EVERYDAY.. THREE minutes from the Book Of Mormon and think- "how can I apply this to my life".. EVEN if you DONT believe in it, havent read it before, dont Think you understand it.. DO IT
I PROMISE that you will be able to apply the scriptures to your life and it will BRIGHTEN your day. I promise when you pray that you will be able to feel the Spirit/comfort/peace. Also you will be able to notice your blessings more. These are NOT hard things to do. They are GOOD for you. I know because I have done these and seen changes in my life..
I know when we do whats right we are blessed. I also know that when we do whats right Satan is working SO much harder on us. Please- work harder than he is. I promise you will be blessed. Please do the things that are right. you will have so much joy if you strive to do what is right and stay close to the Lord.
I read a scripture and would LOVe to share it.. 1 Nephi 8.12
This is when Lehi has a dream about the "Tree of Life" where the tree of life represents the Gospel of Jesus Christ. this scripture describes PERFECTLy how I view/feel about the Gospel..

"And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for i knew that is was desirable above all other fruit."

Please.. if you havent had a desire before, even if you think that this ISNT for you. please pray about it and read. i Promise that you will find answers to what you are looking for.. think of this way- if the purpose of the Church is to bring families closer together, Understand and Know who Christ is- what he has done for us, help us prepare for the future (life), help others and help ourselves become the BEST people we can be.. why wouldnt we want that? we are given commandments for US.. not for God.. they keep us and our families and our bodies safe.
I love you all and always have you in my thoughts and prayers!

Love Sister Horning

AAHH.. times up sorry this is short. i just want all of you to know that I KNOW this church is true. honestly- why else would i dedicate my time to be out here- be ssooo happy with life and have such a great outlook on life if it wasnt true?!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sep 01, 2009 Crystal's Letter from Canada!

Why hello ya'll!! Heres the weekly update from your favorite sister Missionary! YES! so the weather is pretty nice here- its usually 24*C I dont know what that is in F but its pretty nice! and thank Heavenly Father- there is USUALLY a nice breeze! but my companion and I think it is SO funny because when its above 0- i SWEAR to you, you WILL see guys without shirts on all over! its so funny. they just walk around taking their shirts off.. ride bike, drive, run, take a stroll with their kids- shirtless... they act like were in Mexico.. i love it. We are still meeting really neat people and having a ton of fun with the ward! they are so sweet and I love them all!!

Im STILL loving it here.. The Lord blesses us and EVERYONE for sure! he is soo good! we met a cute girl Randi that is SO excited about the church. we meet with her one Weds- and when we tracted into her i asked her right off the bat- "when you know these things are true willl you be baptised?" it was the first time id pulled that one- but i kept being prompted to say it.. shes quickly responded with "yeah im totally open to that! If this is right I willl".. i love it! shes so excited to learn and such a neat girl! i know well be friends post mish! haha..
I spoke in sacrament meeting on Sunday- haha. what i learned on my mission... so far... it was pretty good.. Ive learned so much though! I LOVE the scriptures and the gospel.. ill have to later share a bit of my talk.. i dnot have it on me nor do i have the time to type it..
But ive been setting goals and changing small things about me daily. i really really like it! the Lord shows us our weaknesses so we can turn them to strengths! Ether 12.27-->READ IT

I love the gospel. I know it is true. I know the Lord loves us- even if we dont love or believe in Him. He is always blessing us and wanting us to do whats right. He is always cheering us on! He still is willing to forgive us no matter what we do! How great is that!! I love reading the scriptures. i read them for at least a half hour a day. i totally study and fully take in everything they say. there is SO much in there- we just need to apply it to us! i LOVE it. I have also been reading Preach My Gospel and reading EVERYTHING in there.. all the scriptures and side notes.. ugh i love it all! we can be such better people by just following the Lord and what he asks of us. its amazing. i know more and more each day that Joseph Smith is a prophet.. that he loves us and went through SO much to give us the word of the Lord. He went through so much and paved a way for us so we dont have to go through such hard times! what an amazing man! I love this church- i know it is all true. If you think about it- the main and always reoccuring goal in our church is Build up yourself and your family. Be the best people we can be- lift up others. help and love others. be a better person and more prepared and self sufficient!!! NOT trying to get gain- for money, fame or anything else! i love it. what a great religion to be part of! I have seen people truly change themselves- ONLY for the better through the gospel. i know with my entire heart it is true and we can be our BEST selves if we listen and follow the teachings of the church. PRAY and find out for yourself if its true if you havent already. I PROMISE its much much easier and happier following the church than not. i know first hand. 2Nephi 4.16, 2Nephi 4.20
Read em! youll love it!
Well.. I better go soon. I have work to do!! Oh. ps- if anyone is thinking about Christmas since is SOO soon.. ahhaa... ive been thinking about what I want!! I want the individual-not combined scriptures (the BofM/PofGreat price/D&C combo is most important) Garments (meh.. mmaayybbee), and PICTURES!!!! k. write me- send me pictures and keep me updated on everything back at 'home' i love you all and miss you all!
PS- Emily Frame- keep me updated on your LIFE!
OH and if anyone has Hermana GRossbeck s address- please let me know!
PPS- where is BreaAnn?! tell her to email AND WRITE ME!! Happy Birthday Cierra and Deidre!! C-lest keep me updated on your baby situation!!!
Desi I know yours is just coming around the corner!!! Ppss- please send me a list of everyones birthdays! Love you love youZ!

Take care. I love you and will try to make things happen so my letters are more exciting! YIKES!
-love Sister Horning Eh.