Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sep 01, 2009 Crystal's Letter from Canada!

Why hello ya'll!! Heres the weekly update from your favorite sister Missionary! YES! so the weather is pretty nice here- its usually 24*C I dont know what that is in F but its pretty nice! and thank Heavenly Father- there is USUALLY a nice breeze! but my companion and I think it is SO funny because when its above 0- i SWEAR to you, you WILL see guys without shirts on all over! its so funny. they just walk around taking their shirts off.. ride bike, drive, run, take a stroll with their kids- shirtless... they act like were in Mexico.. i love it. We are still meeting really neat people and having a ton of fun with the ward! they are so sweet and I love them all!!

Im STILL loving it here.. The Lord blesses us and EVERYONE for sure! he is soo good! we met a cute girl Randi that is SO excited about the church. we meet with her one Weds- and when we tracted into her i asked her right off the bat- "when you know these things are true willl you be baptised?" it was the first time id pulled that one- but i kept being prompted to say it.. shes quickly responded with "yeah im totally open to that! If this is right I willl".. i love it! shes so excited to learn and such a neat girl! i know well be friends post mish! haha..
I spoke in sacrament meeting on Sunday- haha. what i learned on my mission... so far... it was pretty good.. Ive learned so much though! I LOVE the scriptures and the gospel.. ill have to later share a bit of my talk.. i dnot have it on me nor do i have the time to type it..
But ive been setting goals and changing small things about me daily. i really really like it! the Lord shows us our weaknesses so we can turn them to strengths! Ether 12.27-->READ IT

I love the gospel. I know it is true. I know the Lord loves us- even if we dont love or believe in Him. He is always blessing us and wanting us to do whats right. He is always cheering us on! He still is willing to forgive us no matter what we do! How great is that!! I love reading the scriptures. i read them for at least a half hour a day. i totally study and fully take in everything they say. there is SO much in there- we just need to apply it to us! i LOVE it. I have also been reading Preach My Gospel and reading EVERYTHING in there.. all the scriptures and side notes.. ugh i love it all! we can be such better people by just following the Lord and what he asks of us. its amazing. i know more and more each day that Joseph Smith is a prophet.. that he loves us and went through SO much to give us the word of the Lord. He went through so much and paved a way for us so we dont have to go through such hard times! what an amazing man! I love this church- i know it is all true. If you think about it- the main and always reoccuring goal in our church is Build up yourself and your family. Be the best people we can be- lift up others. help and love others. be a better person and more prepared and self sufficient!!! NOT trying to get gain- for money, fame or anything else! i love it. what a great religion to be part of! I have seen people truly change themselves- ONLY for the better through the gospel. i know with my entire heart it is true and we can be our BEST selves if we listen and follow the teachings of the church. PRAY and find out for yourself if its true if you havent already. I PROMISE its much much easier and happier following the church than not. i know first hand. 2Nephi 4.16, 2Nephi 4.20
Read em! youll love it!
Well.. I better go soon. I have work to do!! Oh. ps- if anyone is thinking about Christmas since is SOO soon.. ahhaa... ive been thinking about what I want!! I want the individual-not combined scriptures (the BofM/PofGreat price/D&C combo is most important) Garments (meh.. mmaayybbee), and PICTURES!!!! k. write me- send me pictures and keep me updated on everything back at 'home' i love you all and miss you all!
PS- Emily Frame- keep me updated on your LIFE!
OH and if anyone has Hermana GRossbeck s address- please let me know!
PPS- where is BreaAnn?! tell her to email AND WRITE ME!! Happy Birthday Cierra and Deidre!! C-lest keep me updated on your baby situation!!!
Desi I know yours is just coming around the corner!!! Ppss- please send me a list of everyones birthdays! Love you love youZ!

Take care. I love you and will try to make things happen so my letters are more exciting! YIKES!
-love Sister Horning Eh.

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