Wednesday, September 9, 2009

News from the Frozen land of CANADA!. Sep 09. 2009

Its another Monday.. WAIT.. Its TUESDAY! yikes! Nothing was opened yesterday so we get a few hours to do shopping and emailing today.. YES YES!well- my mailbox has residents in it.. a sweet lil spider family living there.. they set up a web and all.. hhmm i thank the 'new comers' to all of you that havent written me.. i have to dust off the ol mail box to see the number on it anymore! YIKES!!! bbahahah.. well thank you Erica Lynn and Deidre who write me recently.. i LOVe the pictures you both sent!! thank you thank you!

Well.. this week.. hhmm.. not a ton has gone on.. we have been looking for investigators- working VERY hard on our contacting.. but we havent had any progressing investigators for a while.. this MUST and WLL change! UGH. things are going well though. I love it out here.. I love my companion- shes is hilarious and doesnt realize it. bahahha.. thats the best. its starting to get a bit chillier out and dark a lot earlier in the evening.. uh oh! WINTERpeg.. here i am!! Transfers are next Friday!! YIKES! thats SOO soon.. so next tues. ill see if i stay or go! HOpefully ill stay! I love the members and love the area!
So I didnt realize this.. but do me a favor- look at a map of Winnipeg.. k.. theres about 700,000 people.. then look outside of Winnipeg. ITS AN ISLAND!! ahha.. well as in its this decent sized city and the CLOSEST city is 2 hours away! ahhaha.. what in the world! I didnt realized it was so isolated here! I dont even know what to think about that! Its so beautiful here and the people are GREAT! they have a ton of culture! I love it.
Oh!! Heres an idea!! send tapes! Talk into tapes- have your kids talk into tapes and SEND them to me! I can send some back if youd like.. but id love to hear you and the kids!!
ALSO I have a challenge for EVERYONE.. I want to hear reports on this too!! 1. pray every morning AND night-thank God/Heavenly Father for yur blessings- ASK for what you need in life 3 minutes EVERYDAY.. THREE minutes from the Book Of Mormon and think- "how can I apply this to my life".. EVEN if you DONT believe in it, havent read it before, dont Think you understand it.. DO IT
I PROMISE that you will be able to apply the scriptures to your life and it will BRIGHTEN your day. I promise when you pray that you will be able to feel the Spirit/comfort/peace. Also you will be able to notice your blessings more. These are NOT hard things to do. They are GOOD for you. I know because I have done these and seen changes in my life..
I know when we do whats right we are blessed. I also know that when we do whats right Satan is working SO much harder on us. Please- work harder than he is. I promise you will be blessed. Please do the things that are right. you will have so much joy if you strive to do what is right and stay close to the Lord.
I read a scripture and would LOVe to share it.. 1 Nephi 8.12
This is when Lehi has a dream about the "Tree of Life" where the tree of life represents the Gospel of Jesus Christ. this scripture describes PERFECTLy how I view/feel about the Gospel..

"And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for i knew that is was desirable above all other fruit."

Please.. if you havent had a desire before, even if you think that this ISNT for you. please pray about it and read. i Promise that you will find answers to what you are looking for.. think of this way- if the purpose of the Church is to bring families closer together, Understand and Know who Christ is- what he has done for us, help us prepare for the future (life), help others and help ourselves become the BEST people we can be.. why wouldnt we want that? we are given commandments for US.. not for God.. they keep us and our families and our bodies safe.
I love you all and always have you in my thoughts and prayers!

Love Sister Horning

AAHH.. times up sorry this is short. i just want all of you to know that I KNOW this church is true. honestly- why else would i dedicate my time to be out here- be ssooo happy with life and have such a great outlook on life if it wasnt true?!

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