Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sep 15 Letter from the CRYSTAL!!

Whhyyy HEELLLOO! So this week has flow by-- like a KITE! Yikes! So we are starting to get more appointments- thats GREAT.. and we are contacting the formers here- they are responding pretty well to us!Yesterday in church was amazing, and not only because we taught the Relief Society lesson! hahha.. But the whole day was WAY good! The talks were amazing- everything I needed to hear.. About how we need to think about whats most important in life and do those things... Then Gospel Principles was amazing- talking about Our talents- how we can find out what they are, use them and share them with others! Then our lesson was about the importance of friends- and how hard it would have been for J. Smith to do and go through all the things he did without his amazing wife and friend Emma... and all those that stood by him. I told the members about my 'conversion' story and how if it wasnt for my visting teachers being my friends and showing me love, i more than likely wouldnt be active in teh church or on a mission today!So its so important we are kind and loving to others-go out of our way to help them feel loved and cared about.. yeah it was good.
So sister Reynders and I had the toilet over flow in our appartment!! Bahhahaha.. it was great.. we took the top off the back to see if we could fix it- water started spraying all the way to the ceiling! baabhh.. it was great. dont worry i took a picture and will have to upload it later (sad face).. But we fixed it- a tube broke and i dont know- just needed to be put in the correct place.. something like that. But its ok now! hahaa
Tomorrow are transfer calls! YIKES Im SSOO excited.. I heard that there is a new sister coming in.. but Im not sure.. well have to see! I really hope i stay here- were just getting to really know the members and start getting the city down a bit.. I know Ill go where im needed- But I do hope i get a chance to stay with Sister Reynders and Winnipeg YSA longer!
Things are So good here.. I love it! I wish studies would last all day- I learn SO much in my reading and studies. I know they say this is the only time you have to really study and learn the book Of Mormon- because Life gets too busy after the mission--- oohhh not mine. Im seriously making it a goal and priority to wake up at 6.30 after the mission so I can study for an hour. I LOVe it and gain so many insights every day i read! There is so much about the Gospel- its amazing.. but yet the Gospel is SO simple. its great! I love it. I know the church is true and I know that this is where I need to be now. Im so excited about sharing the Gospel and helping people find a greater happiness in life! Please update me on how youre doing with praying everyday and reading the scriptures daily! I want to know!! K. i love you all! Keep in touch and dont be afraid to send packages filled with goodies!! (wink wink)
OH.. Erica- Thank you for all your updates and everything!! youre the BEST. also- I dont have a tape recorder- but i can buy one im sure.. I cant wait to hear everyone!! HEY when is Celeste having her BeBE? I need to hear details! please update me on everyones lives i love hearing it all! OOHH and did Rochelle or Celeste get my letters? wheres b-ann? tell her to WRITE ME AND SEND PICTURES!!! im serious.
BAH. i gotta go. i love you and miss you all!
PS- Please find out if mom received my letter? I havent heard from her in WEEKS.. thats not normal.. hhmm..
If anyone knows the DG and Gary Nunley, Rose Olsen, Aunt Rita, Evalyn Frees addresses, PLEASE tell me them- I didnt bring ANY addresses with me and i really need to write them a 'thank you' card.

PPS-Emily Frame! YOU NEED TO WRITE AND UPDATE ME! IM SERIOUS. ill be 'expecting' a package. Thanks!
anyone can email me at crystalgail@myldsmail.net- I will have to respond via snail mail- but hey email me your information!
kiss kiss-Sister Horning

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