Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sep23 LEtter from THE Crystal!

WWHHHHYYYY Heellllooo there!
So IM stressed. No letters. Again. WAIT! Thomas wrote me. what a dear friend. So transfers happend! AAANNNDDD.. I STAYED! Im still in Winnipeg YSA with SIster Reynders! I love her and we are SO excited! There is SOO much work to be done here-we are READY to rock and roll with it! SSOO over this last week- here are the updates.. uumm.. we went to this place called the "CLothes Closet", women donate dressy work clothes, shoes purses etc. and this CC takes them and hangs them then they have women who need nice clothes for interviews and such come in and they can choose 2 outfits!! Isnt that great! Its so nice for the women who are on the streets and what other circumstances they are in., I think its just wonderful they have that!
I learned the NEATEST thing this week. Its call a "Tim Tam Slam".. OOH be sitting for this.. its Great! What it is is a chocolate cookie sandwhich thing with chocolate on the outside.. its a rectangle- you bite off one corner at the top- then one off the opposite side at the bottom.. then you have hot chocolate- put part of the cookie at the bottom then drink out the other side of the cookie- making it 'melt'.. then once it starts to get soft you SLURP the cookie up.. yes. SLURP it up.. its SSSOOOO good.. I would send out a box to everyone i knew if i could! They MAY have them in the states. i HIGHLY recommend eating them and trying it.. ugh. this library doenst have a port where i can send pictures or videos.. hhmm.. ill need to fix that.. otherwise id send a video of me and Elder Schulte doing it!! its SSOOO good.. In the mornings Sister Reynders and I play basket ball with the Elders for Our exercise- they are the ones that introduced us. then we went over to a member named Amber, her house and had a "tim Tam Slam' party. There was about 9 or 10 of us.. I loved every second of it!! YIKES... ah im drooling THINKING about it.
So sis. Reynders and I were driving past this pond/lake thing and guess what we HAPPEN to see.. uumm.. guess about 700 CANADIAN GEESE!!! it was SOSSOOO neat! They were all just chillin- having a good ol time in the water and walking all over the grass.. dont worry- a picture was taken but ill have to send one later. ugh.
At this time we have like 3 investigators.. yup- digging at the very bottom of the barrel.- bless our hearts. but we are super excited and we KNOW we will improve on that! I am ready for it!
Today we went to check out "Muk-Luks" they are First Nation (Indians) boots. they are WAY neat.. but super expensive.. we drove about 40 minutes to get to this store that has them- we didnt buy any because sis. reynders wants to take time and pick the beadwork (im NOT getting any).. So anyhow. we pass the foodcourt and stop to get some nosh.. well i was all served up at this chinese place and find out they DONT take credit cards OR american dollars unless its exact amount- yeah lame, thats what I thought too.. so the lady tells me to go to the bank and get money. i cant leave without my companion- so just wait til shes done eating and were then about to leave the mall... the Chinese lady takes off her hat and aporn and tells me shes going to take me to the bank so i can pay for the food! WWHHAAT. so shes walks me there! Ugh. the food smelled good so i had to give in- but really- what in the world- shes walking me to pay for this cold food.. ugh. haha. i actually thought it was hilarious. anywade..
So my time is almost up on here. I wanted to share some of my reading from my personal studies.. I was reading in Alma 47 and it talks about Lehonti who is a king posted at the top of a mountain with his troops- how Amalickiah (bad guy just wanting power), asks him 3 times to come off his mountain. Every time Lehonti says no. then Amalickiah goes to almost the top of the mount and tells Lehonti to come down just to that point. well he does it and they scheme a plan that Lehonti will 'capture' amalickiahs city and he just wants to be 2nd in command. well this happens and then Amalickiah has Lehonti "poisoned by degress"until he is slowly killed- then Amalickiah is in charge.. SO point of the story is for us NEVER to come down from our mountains. Never give in and give up our standards.. Never.

Second thing i learned in my morning studies.. I have been reading a lot about the Chris LIke attributes- i LOVe them. Well Charity is my favorite for sure.. I was reading and this may be something you already knew, but it really hit me.. Charity is preventing sins. Charity is the pure love of Christ. if we have Charity- we dont want to hurt ANYbody. and when we sin someone ALWAYS gets hurt.. weather its us, our spouces, family, friends.. whomever.. so if we have charity we will NOT want to sin because we KNOW it will hurt someone! UGH. i LOVE that. think of Christ- he loved EVERYONE and wanted to hurt noone.. and he didnt want to disappoint his father so in a sense that would be pretty easy for him not to sin- He loved others so much more!aahh.. ilove that!
ANOTHER thing.. sister Reynders pointed out to me.. we were talking about descions we make.. well think about this- "would what im doing or watching be suitable for a child to do/watch?" if the answer is NO then why is it ok for us? we have spirirts just as lil children have them. just because we were exposed to things before doesnt mean its ok if we continue that.. really.. would you allow your lil 3 year old to smoke, drink, watch movies with naughty parts in it? well then why are you? wouldnt it hurt us just the same? aahh.. i love that. realizing how HUGE of an impact we have on our tender lil kids.. we really need to think about it. even if they are grown up- they will stlil watch the things we do.

Ok. so i have 2 minutes left. I do have a request from ANYONE that wants to be so kind.. I would like Crest White strips. Here they are over 50$ for the ones that are like 30$ in the states! if anyone will buy them for me and mail them- i can pay you!! Thanks much. I have to go. I love you all and im so excited about this gospel! Thank you for all your love and support!! Love you!
Love sister Horning
845 Shaftesbury BLvd.
Winnipeg, MB R3POM5

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Karen said...

Sister Crystal ... so fun to read your blog ... you are doing well, although I am sad that you are not kicking it at my house any more. If you want - I can send you the sweet missionary outfit that you dressed up in for pics with Caity! I'm glad you left your address - is this good for a bit? Someone I know wanted some ginger cookies ...sounds as if you are doing well, you are missed, but we love what you are doing! We love you! Karen, Jamie and Sadie the dog