Monday, August 24, 2009

Aug 24, 2009 Letter from THE Crystal!

Why hello heeeelllllllooo!!! (tune to the happy birthday primary song)-Here I am, one week older and wiser too- heres my letter... To you! So here it is- preperation day!! We are on PD2M today- of course that stands for Preperation Day 2tha Max! Meaning we need to CRUISE and get all our shoppping and etc.. done in a timely matter! and we did! it only took us 46$ 30 minutes and 4 items of food later to get us out of the grocery store! ahha.. but really. we are SO poor. Ive never had to TRULY "budget" my grocery money! and as we ALL know.. I LOVe to eat. and i love to eat a LOT of food.. Yeah. we thats cut down to PB&J sammys everyday, crackers and occassionally a candy bar here and there.. Im LIVING off of pb&j sammys- Thanks to mommy, I like em! Everything is SO expensive here- its outrageous! but meh, is all rrrriiggghhhtt..
> So this week was meh.. ok.. I was ill with this terrible pain in my stomach! I was folded over most of the day. Then the next couple days i was throwing up for no reason.. that was a good time.. and now my dear lips are skinless!! they are SSOO sore and red.. bless their lil hearts! I do NOT know what is wrong with me- im just a mess!! But my stomach pains, that Ive been having for the past few years- i was told by one of the Elders (who is a doctor), that its due to stress!!! WWWHHHAAATTT? to my shock- he said that I put too much pressure on myself and tend to work too hard and be too much of a 'perfectionist' . ahha i kind of laughed, but can see where he would get that idea from! ahha. SO he is so kind and would call me at night or when the pain was too unbearable and he would go through this relaxation exercise with me.. to put me to sleep and to help me not focus on the pain. they helped- for a bit. but bless his heart how kind of him! ssoo.. im getting better and pushing along!
> This week has been a 'sad day' for me and the work. I found myself not working or pushing as hard as i normally do- NOT good. but Im back on track and ready to share the best message ever with EVERYONE! Yyyaeeahh!
> We had Zone Conference this week- that was prettttttyyy fun! I saw one of my favorite missionaries- Elder Liechty- he is HILARIOUS and we are OUT OF CONTROL when we are together! well of course we are still dignified and all.. BUT we have a great time. so that was great! There is SO much to learn in those meetings- i LOVE it. I just wish i could remember everything so i could do much better at applying it!
> I LOVe my companion.. seriously. Sister Reynders is the perfect companion for me right now.. I was praying for her and the Lord surely knows what we need! We have such a great time together. we are quickly becoming great friends! I just love love love her!
> So we are teaching this lady and she KNOWS the church is true, KNOWS JS to be a prophet and the BofM to be true.. yet she doesnt want to get baptised! ugh its ssoo frusterating.. we are going to have to lay down the law and ask why not! well.. i did- she said she doesnt know enough.. well i gave her an amazing analogy- and she still said yeah that makes sense.. but i still want to know more.. well. *gulp*... *sigh* i dont know.. all i can do is pray! so we dont have a ton of investigators at this time.. just a few of them- but we are finding like crazy!!! we need to say something to truly spark enough interest for them to actually meet with us later! we have about.. hhmm.. 4 sisters that made appointments with us and totally ditched out. ugh if they only knew what they were missing out on!
> well.. I love the ward- they are all soo sweet and dear to me!! Bishop Wood is really great too! he is always interacting with the members and he participates in everything!! Such a good man!
> well.. thats about all the news I have for this week. I was ill so I saw more of my eyelids and the toliet than i did anything else. I hope you are all doing well!! I love you all! OH and DONT be scared to write!! wahahhaha..
> Take Care.
> Love- Sister Horning

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