Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aug 18, 09 Sis Horning Letter!

Why hello hello one and all! Here I am, just having a grand ol' time in Winnipeg Eh! I LOVE it here! I love the ward- the singles are SO fun- its a pretty good sized ward, I think there are about 30 active members in the ward. I love it- they all come to all of the activities and are sssoo close! Its a good example! My companion Sister Reynders is HILARIOUS! We have just a good time together and teach really well as a companionship. I learn loads from her! I love street contacting the mostest!! Especially when we go downtown.. The downtown is really neat! They have so many interesting shops and so many people gathered. The style and culture is very strong. There are TONS of homeless people that just sit on the grass, play music, clean the car windows and other random things for money. I really like that about the people- most of them WORK for money- not just beg. I think that is really neat of them. They are my FAVORITE people to teach!! Sister Reynders makes fun of me because I talk to every 'less fortunate" person we see. They make me laugh so hard and they are almost always the most humble- so they listen and really enjoy the uplifting messages we share. The other day we were teaching 4 First Nation (similar to/same as Indians), and one of them was totally drunk and asking my companion to marry him- yeah we bolted shortly after- BUT the other 3 we were talking to really liked the stories from the BofM and I gave em a BofM and some passalong cards. They liked it.. We meet a lot of interesting people.. Weve only had hhmm.. like 5 or 6 people be REALLY rude and say rude things to us or just literally SLAM the door in our faces.. But we laugh and get a kick out of it.. so Its all good. We had one of our investigators Carmen, come to church with us! It was SUCH a blessing! We didnt see her before church started so we just went inside- I was praying the WHOLE time that she would show up and be able to hear the testimonies of the congrigation.. After sacrament meeting- there was Carmen!! Sitting on the couch outside the chapel doors! she said she heard the speakers andreally enjoyed them!! I was SSOO thankful for that! REWIND TO SACRAMENT- we had the congrigation speak b/c there was a YSA conference (18 stakes were invited and only 3 people outside our ward showed! SAD), so they just had sacrament meeting- everyone baring their testimonies.. THEN Elder Smith from the Quarm of the 70s.. The meeting was overflowing with the spirit! It was amazing! the Elders in the ward (elder Sainsbury and elder ShultZe) had 2 investigators come. One of them is a man from Africa named Harrison- he is really tall and SUPER skinny- the heart of a giant! he is totally humble and really really nice! The other mans name is Bernie- totally receptive, from Canada and reminds me (lookwise), of Shaun. They both LOVED the meeting- I asked them both how it went- Bernie-" I LOVED IT! I could feel the spirit the whole time! Youll see me here next week!" and Harrison "it was very good. I really liked hearing from the people".. Harrison actually got up and 'bore his testimony', he said that he was looking for God, that he was wanting to know what is true. So tender! i just bawled when I saw him cmoing towards the pulpit. that takes SSOO much courage to do that! Bless his heart!
The Lord works miracles every day! OOOHh. so Friday is was raining like crazy! We went out street contacting and it didnt seem too bad- until youre out there for HOURS on end! we still were able to teach in the rain and had 3 new investigators that day! we taught so many lessons I loved it!! The Lord blesses us- especially if we do what we are supposed to, have a good attitude about it- even when it seems tough. I kNOw we were blessed because of our cheerful attitudes!! we were singing any 'freetime' we didnt see people on the streets. OH! so Winnipeg MAY be the 8th largest city in Canada- but there is only like 700,000 people here! Its not big at all! we see people we taught all the time- as were walking down Broadway downtown. Its actually really neat seeing them- they ALWAYS have good things to say about us.. we do our best to be good to everyone and talk to everyone.. I love it here.. i KNOW this Gospel IS true! I know that the Lord loves all of us and always wants the best for us. I know that we can achieve a greater happiness if we rely on the Lord and truly know Him and Christ better. I have done a ton of research about the church while Ive been out here. ive also heard a lot of things- but I can tell you this- I have NEVER been SSOO happy and have such a feeling of WORTH while ive been out here.. I get rude people, doors slammed- rejection ALL day.. yet I have never felt better. There MUST be truth to that.. there MUST be someone watching over me- keeping me safe. i know that seeing people become uplifted when they have their questions about life answered is one of the most tender things I see. I love it here. I love the mission and I love the Gospel. If we do what we are asked- just like in the scriptures- we will learn and have a fullness of Joy. Thank you all for the love and support you all have shown me. I truly appreciate it. there is so much about this gospel i want to share- but not near enough time! I learn something new every day. I Learn more and more about God and His hand in my life- about Jesus Christ and His life and Atonement- I learn FIRST hand- not just through reading. I am so greatful for the examples you have all had in my life.. I am so glad to have the Gospel in my life and to be able to share the gospel.. to TOTALLY dedicate my time and 18 months of my Life to what has brought me the MOST joy i have ever felt.

Thank you..
I love you all! Take care- and dont even worry- I pray for the family and KNOW that the sacrifices I make and hard times Ill go through these 18 months will for sure bless all the family. Read D&C 100.1 its when joseph and Sydney were away from the families. it says that the Lord will watch over them.. that is so true. you are all being watched over!

SEND LETTERS AND PICTURES! thanks Celeste and Rochelle and family for the letters! I will write ytou back now!
goota go!
-Sister Horning

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