Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Canada post from Sis. Horning Aug 11,09

SSOO Im in the Canada Winnipeg YSA area- I love it here! Its just the young single adult ward- ages 18-30. We go tracting and street contacting every day- i love it! I remember my first door- i was SSSOOO scared!! yikes! BUT im getting more used to it and we have already seen miracles- to me, when anyone is willing to listen to the message we have and interact- THAT alone is a miracle! ahah. its tiring but feels great when someone listens. we have taught 25 lessons in just 4 days! so we are CRUISING along. My companion is Sister Reynders (sounds like grinder without the g). She is sweet and i love her more and more every day! So today Is preparation day-we went shopping- everything is EXPENSIVE here! UGH...ssoo we played basketball and football... I accidently got 'tackled' by one of the elders- we were actually running towards the ball and didnt see eachother- i FLEW on my butt!! ahah it was pretty funny- but kind of hurt and he felt TERRIBLE. bless his heart! I love the gospel. I love Winnipeg and the people! I can hear myself already getting an accent- but its ok i like it! surprisingly (to me), we have only had one lady YELL at us for tracting to her door.. i just smiled, thanked her for her time and walked on. Heavenly Father bless HER heart! There was a blessing of a family that we tracted into yesterday.. THeir names are the Crumps. They are SO sweet- the dad is fromt eh west indies and the mother from philipeans. They have 3 kids and TONS of little dogs.. litterally.. TOns. i think like 6-9 of them! wow! so Sted (the dad), opened the door- and invited us to the back yard to talk to him and his family. we taught them about the Plan of salvation, book of mormon, Joseph smith- just kept on going for about 45 minutes. they were LOVING it. they had a lot of similar beliefs.. and sted said a couple months back missionaries dropped by a BOM but havent come back since-they call but thats it.. he said he believes it and reads it daily!! i should have just pulled out the ol' " give me 5 minutes, Ill get a priesthood holder and well baptise you in your pool" trick- but I wasnt thinking at the time.. hhmm. so they agreed to have the missionaries come over and continue teaching! Heavenly Father be with this familY!! so that was really nice to run into someone like that. a lot of people here believe in CHrist, but havent thought about life after death or the purpose of life or anything.. We have an appointment tonigth and its this sweet lady Joelle (shes 19) that we tracted into. I hope all goes well!.. Well.. things are really good and I LOVE it here.. te days are passing QUICKLY!
Thanks for keeping me updated on life.. please continue to do so! Take care and thank you again for EVERYTHING you do!
OH! heres my address the WHOLE time im in Canada-
Sister Crystal Horning
845 Shaftesbury Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB R3P 0M5

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