Monday, November 30, 2009

What the heck it's almost December!!

What is going on.. seriously. the time is FLYING. anyhow.. this email will be "flying" because we have a baptism to get to soon! yikes.. well.. story goes.. ALEXANDRA IS GETTING BAPTIZED! well actuallly not until the 5th.. but im still excited- the interview went perfect! so this week has been insane.. this morning i woke up to do laundy and in my Gs only bag i found something odd.. hhmm.. HOT PINK G-Units (apostate i know). I dont know what happened.. but i washed a pair a few nights ago and then they were a bit wet and but them with the others.. what in the world. i didnt know it would dye all my stuff pinK!!! what the.. so i had to throw out FOUR pairs of underclothes!! SO sad.. so yes. thats what i would like for christmas! haha.. the cotton ones.. anyways.. sad day.. but then this week i saw a guy walking out of his home- he was wearing a sweater, beard, BIG green doc martin type boots, and SKIN TIGHT flesh colored thermals- that look like tights... so weird.. and he was wearing a HUGE grin.. he was just LOVING life.. so of course i snapped a shot- but its blurry:( boo. anyhow.
That was exciting.. so some folks asked me what i want for christmas.. sorry i have to make this email short- i have a baptism in 2 minutes!
but i want (if anything.. if nothing then please dont stress it! i stil love you!)
Terriaky beef jerky
uniball jetstream pens (the dont freeze in the winter! so i can write!)
post it notes- all colors, shapes and sizes
warm thick tights- solid colors or argyle -sp
Raffaello Candies.
and that it no time goota go. love you! sister horning

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