Monday, December 7, 2009

Letter from c gail Dec07,2009

What is going on? How come its December already and I truned 23 yesterday!?! seriously time is FLYING by so fast- its outrageous! anyhow.. Its only snowed a bit and not a ton of it has stayed- you can still see the ground! AND i dont have to get boots yet- i can still wear my shoes! haha. so thats good! its was -20 (plus wind chill) out today and in another part of the mission, colder than that! yikes.. but its alright.. im SLOWLY getting used to it! bah. so I love the mission SO much. this is truly one of the top 3 BEST descisions i have made thus far in my life.. Everyday that passes i find myself having a greater love and understanding for the Gospel, Christs atonement and the purpose of life! i love it! i know the book of Mormon is TRUE. i know Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that with his 3rd grade education he could NOT have been able to "write" the book of mormon, just translate it with no other power than the Lords hand.. I know that we will find the greatest happiness EVER through our families and the gospel of jesus Christ. I know that the Lord loves all of us so mucha nd he will NEVER give up on us! I know the church will be spread to all nations and everyone will get the wonderful chance of hearing and learing about our dear Savior Christ and His eternal Atonement! I know that This is the best time of year! TO rejoice and to be with family, friends- remembering our Dear Saviors Birth! what a blessing! i was listening to the Christmas devotional last night and i love the names they refer to- they shall call Him WONDERFUL, PRINCE OF PEACE, KING OF KING, LORD OF LORDS.. i seriuosly tear up thinking about how great and humble Christ is and was.. i love love love the phrase "every knee shall bow, every tounge confess that Christ has come as Lord and king!" i love that. how true. Christ has done so much for us. we are only made whole through HIM! i love in the Bible in Mark chp. 5- it talks about the woman with an issue of blood. she had medical condition where she bled for 12 years straight (the number 12 is whole, complete- total.. 12 apostles ect).. theres a lot in the history and background to this story- people thought her to be "unclean" and whatever eslse anyhow.. she tried SO hard looking for a "cure" here on earth.. then she sees Christ and knows she just needs touch his coat for her to be made whole.. and she is once she does!! just like us.. we just need to "touch" a bit of Christ for us to be made whole! there is no other place we will find a greater PURE happiness.. only through our Savior Jesus Christ. I love that! I hope you all think about the TRUE meaning of Christmas.. people try to distract us with gifts and glitz.. but really.. family and the true meaning of Christmas is what its all about..
SO i was thinking about the gospel in the world and how it will be so exciting for the WHOLE world to hear about Christ! i love it! lets all SPREAD THE WORLD! we have so many blessings- lets share what we haev and give to those in need- nbt only the needy in physical things- but those that NEED the gospel- that are " kept from the truth because they know not where to find it" somewhere in D&c
Read Mosiah 4 it talks about giving to those in need. i love it!

BAH i need to go.. but here are a few crazy things from this week.
1. i have a bigger and fatter lip because i got hit in the face today by a ball!
2. Alexandra got baptized and confirmed!! AND bore her testimony on sunday- it was SOO beautiful!
3. alexandra and edward got engaged TODAY- and took me to sushi for my birthday! YUM
4. Stef is taking me to dinner for my birthday- tonight
5. i had a cake (from Stef- love her spank her butt)- and s. sullivan and i put matches on it due to there being NO candles
6. WE GOT TRANSFER CALLS 2 DAYS EARLY!!!! im staying in YSA!! and s. sullivan is getting transfered.. my new companion is sister Price.. i am SSSOO excited! i heard shes super intense and really really hard worker! I am so excited! this area is going to BOOM! i love it- ps her x comp told me she once knocked on a cars window as they were backing up and started to teach them from there! hahaha.. crazy. i LOVE it. and im so excited to learn from her!
7. theres still grass on the ground- even though its freezing!
k i gotta go! il ove you all so much! i will let you know dad when i receive your gift~! thank you so much!
you are all in my prayers! i love love love you!
take care and ill write to you next week!
OH and mom or Celeste- i dont know if this will be too much to ask.. but in the boxes i put at celestes house- theres a box that says snowboard gear or coat or hoodie or something.. and one wiht my snbowboard jacket.. and a BIG white zip up hoodie.. if you know where they are, would you send them to me? if not thats ok! i wanted them for the fall/spring time when its too cold for a sweater.. but i can make due and./or find something else if needs be! DONT go through stuff if its too much trouble!!! k love you! write me!
sister horning

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