Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas with Crystal!

Christmastime is RIGHT around the corner! i love it! i love the feeling that is in the air! Everyone is more open to hear about the Savior and to learn of His life. I love so much the songs of the Saviors birth! aahh.. i love it. we had a Christmas singing thing at the church yesterday and we had different churches come to sing at the stake center- it was beautiful and deffinately brought the spirit! we sang 2 peices and it was pretty good if i do say so myself! As i was there listening to members of another religion sing- i thought to myself.. WOW, i am on a MISSION for the church. I am representing Christ in all i do.. what a calling! I love it. anyhow. there was a little girl age 6 and her brother age 8, she sang and he played the violin to The Primary 'Nativity song". it was the most tender thing ever. I my eyes welled up with tears as i heard her sweet little voice sing of the Saviors birth.. a child so small, so young and sweet being taught about He who made everything possible.. i love it! *sigh*.. ive been learning SO much recently! the Lord is blessing me and this area so much! Ive been really learning how to set goals and how to be a better person. Im really working on being dignified and the Lord helps me keep that in mind with the things i say and with each of my actions.. it really helps keeping our goals and what we can become in mind! I read Alma 26 and ALma 29 today in studies and really loved the love and dedication Alma and Ammon have to the lord and to the gospel. i love that they dont boast in themselves, but of the Lord.. how they were so excited and filled iwth so much joy to see their friends, families and the people around them accept and act on the gospel! what ablessing that would be! i love it! please read those chapters and PONDER them!
Since its Christmastime, lets really think about the blessing in our lives and the reason WHY we celebrate this WoNDERFUL holiday! lets make sure we give to others.. not only gifts, but our time and our love! what a greater gift- there is none that we can give! I love how the Lord works- he makes the best things in life FREE.. free to those who want to partake of them.. he wants us to be happy and feel loved.. all we have to do is follow Him! follow His example! i love it!.

So i dont have a lot of time.. BUT here are so random things going on here.. 1. Emily Frame- im sorry im a terrible friend.. i need to write you TODAY and send it out TODAY. but dont worry. i still love you!
2. the weather here has been COLD. its average is about -30 daily.. it was -42 last night :/ ssoo cold.. but we bundle warm. oh man. if you only saw the clothes i wear.. i have this HUGE knit wool sweater that loooks like old grandpa carpet, a HUGE black skirt that looks like towel material, 2 scarves, HUGE coat HUGE boots and 2 sweaters under the carpet one.. oh yeah i looked GOOD. my companion just laughs at me! haha. i had to get gear from the thift stores so its all mis matched but super warm- the days we dont have appointments- that is my outfit! ahha.. it keeps me warm thats all i care about.. its so funny though to see me! haha. i seriously look like the kid off a christmas story! if you havent seen it, you need to. OH so we went out contacting last night and i wore my glasses, NOT a good idea- yeah they frosted over and i had to SCRAPE the frost off.. hahah.. and we walked for about 20 minutes and just after that small amount of time there was frost in our hair, frozen boogers, and white frost eyelashes.. haha. dont worry- we took pictures.. its ridiculous though. I LOVE IT!
sister Price is so great! we work so well together! i love her so much! the lords really blessed me! shes a great example! we are going to see success for sure here and i will learn so much from her! shes fearless!
k i better go. thank you so much for all of your help, love and support! i truly appreciate it! i wish i could send letters and pictures to everyone everyweek.. but ill probably get carpaltunnel if i attempt that.. so ill be safe and email- teehhhee..
i know that God lives. I know that the atonements real and that we can be healed and bettered through it. i know that the book of mormon is TRUE.. every word in it is true. i know that Joseph smith was a prophet and gave his life so we could have a better life though the gospel. i know that the lord loves all of us and will answer our prayerS!
i know im where the lord needs me to be. i know that people will be blessed for my efforts when they obey the commandments of the Lord. I love you!
take care- love sister Horning

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