Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's this, What's this!!?

Why hello again dearest friends! So this last week has FLOWN by.. Thanksgiving was there.. uuumm.. we ate SO much food..
and hhmm.. oh we had teaching evaluations.. so things went PRETTY quick like.. So Amber set a date!!! Shes praying about
being Baptized on Nov. 21. He brother Dallas has set the date of Nov. 14. So that is SSOO good.. oh and dont even worry-
some of the less actives we have been trying to call for MONTHS FINALLY called us back! what a blessing! and she came to the
stake dance, loved it! ugh. such a blessing.. oh and dont worry- yes we just had a miracle today- we had met with this lady
once- about a month ago but shes Jehovas Witness- they pretty much cut off all conact with someone if they see them
associating or meeting iwth anyone (mainly missionaries) from another church- so she had to be way secret.. well we received
a call from her asking about temple marriages- random.. then we received a message over a month later saying she prayed
about the BofM and knows its true! she wants to start taking the lessons!!! what a blessing!!! we wont be teaching her- there
are now sisters in the area that are for the west end of town- shes over 30 so they will teach her.. i beleive.. but that is SO
good! ugh. i love the tender lil blessings we get from Heavenly Father- SSOO good.. Sister Reynders and I taught the Gospel
Principle class yesterday at church- it was on Eternal Marriage- ugh the lesson wenT SSOO well. we really put a lot into it and
prepared it pretty well.. BUT the comments from the class was what 'made' the lesson! i learned SO much from everyones
comments! I loved it SOO much. Ok so we were talking about being 'sealed' in the temple and how if we dont get married by
the CORRECT authority- God cant 'recognize' our marriage and therefore in heaven we arent married to that person anymore..
we all want to be married for time and ALL eternity- and without being married by the proper authority- truth is- we wont be..
so about the sealings- Elder Masters (hes part of a 'senior couple' from utah, hes teaching the institute class- and is SSSOOO
good. he has SO much insight and knowlege), he explained this (dont worry he said it much better and with greater clarity)..-
that in the ancient times they would send documents and use wet clay- stamping a ring or imprint in it making a 'seal'.. when
there were fires that burnt building(back in 'the day'), they ruined the documents, but the clay seal was still there- add fire to
the clay and it turns to ceramic- you cant have ceramic become 'loose' it cant come undone unless you BREAK the ceramic.. so
thinking parallel- the Imprint on the clay is Heavenly Father. The fire that turns the clay to ceramic is the Holy Ghost and
when we make a covenant in the temple with the Lord- we are bound in heaven and on earth.. the ONLY way it will not work
is if WE BREAK it.. if we dont live up to our end of the bargin! isnt that SOO neat! i didnt know or think about that before. but
it makes so much sense! Ah i love the gospel and the truth in it. as we go to the institute class- we have an investigator
amber that attends so we get to 'tag along and listen', i learn SO much about the symbolism that the Lord has in His church..
its ssooo good.. and to me, even MORE prroof that THIS IS THE TRUE church- after the SAME system and gospel that Christ
was teaching while He was on the earth. there are so many things to learn. ugh il ove it.. Oh and last night we had a potluck-
and the Masters spoke a bit about their living in Jerusalem- they were there for a total of (i think) 3 or 4 years. they taught an
institute class there.. wow.. they have so much insight and knowlege. Elder masters was sharing the neatest stories.. ugh i
wish i had my notes and time to share it all! if you want to know, email me and ill exaplain it better!.. but things are SOO
good.. i do have to go- but i KNOW this church is true. i know that ONLY through Christ are we able to have a JOYFUL life and
be able to return to our Heavenly Father again. I know that Jospeh Smith was a true prophet, that he did so much for the
church. I know that we can be married throughout all eternities.. i know that we are loved. i konw the gospel IS the way to
true happiness and i know that the book of Mormon is true. I know that it inspires us and lets us know what we can do to
have a greater happiness and come closer to christ. I love this gospel and i will never deny any part of it.
Thank you so much for all of youre love and support as im out here.. please keep your prayers up for me and all the
missionaries.. do missionary work yourself too!
i love you and hope youre doing well!
OH and thanks for the scriptures! They came in today dad!! Thank you All that help me!
Love Sister HOrning

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