Wednesday, June 10, 2009

eight things i am looking forward to
1. Having a house, land, garden and ANIMALS! my dream farm-YES
2. Serving a mission- July 15th!
3. Temple tomorrow
4. Jeff coming to visit
5. Kate, BreaAnn, Eric and Celisa being home
6. Glacier National park Trip
7. Colorado trip
8. cuddling with Sammy(my cat)

eight things i did yesterday
1. Shopping for clothes- puke
2. Shopping for food- yes!
3. temple w b webb-yes!
4. packed
5. hung out with Caity
6. Slept over at Caitys
7. Cuddled with Caity
8. ate cold stone

eight things on my wishlist
1. a job until I leave
2. My own temple clothes
3. motivation to finish my clothes/mission shopping
4. motivation to pack and clean my room
5. My sister BreaAnn and her baby Eric to be here- NOW
6. everyone in my family to be truly happy
7. the skill, time and dedication to make my blog look as good as Emily Frames
8. a dog

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