Monday, June 29, 2009

Yep, This about sums up my day.. BreaAnn, Booski and I went to the pool today and just laid around. It was nice not running all over the place or trying to make plans for my 'final days'. I liked it.

So once again I wait TOO long to post stuff and too much has gone on. Well- real quick like- CeLisa and Kate are back in town! I love em!! AND I went to Colorado to visit the Gilberts a FEW times (wah haha). That about sums it up! OH and my daddy got into town today- I have yet to see him, Sue and her kids.. I shall do that In the AM.

*sigh* I think this is why I dont keep up to date on this ol blog- it doesnt make my life sound as exciting as it really is- and that depresses me. haha.

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