Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sometimes I feel like Im falling in the Ocean

Today was yet another great day.. Starting out with morning run- accompanied by Devin Moody. Then we went to the temple to do a session.. LOVED it. Then I get a call from Josh asking if I wanted to go with him to find an airplane door that flew off a plane (yes while it was in the air). I couldnt turn that down! So we quick hop in his Jeep and head to Utah Lake. Were cruisin around the lake on his sweet boat- it looks like one youd take to the jungle- silver, small and super light. It was raining so we pull the ol' Emergency Panchos on. We make a few stops so I can throw the fishing poles in and see if we can catch anything.. Then we start heading back for institute (leaving at about 6), and on the way back its SUPER windy- going against us of course.. So the boat is hitting these huge waves- spashing BUCKETS of water into the boat and onto us.. The boat is literally FLYING over the waves, getting inches if not feet of air.. It took us about an hour and half to get back to shore. Dearest Josh stops the boat and appologizes about the crapp weather on the way home- I just start laughing because it was the BEST time ever! ha. We missed institute but made up for it with a killer time.

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