Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Skkeeeett? Is that you? are you ALRIGHT?!!

SOO, a few days breaking in the new Skeet, I figure Ill let others test drive his Horse power so they can be even MORE impressed with him..So Tyler (a gent I work with) and Laurie (a gal at work), take Skeet out.. Realize He is more than just a pretty white paint job and shiny new exhaust. They love him. Then Jaz comes out talking to her hubby Brenton, who wants a scooter.. And I offer her a test drive.. She reluctantly jumps on the beast and throws the gas on.. Oh theres bushes, and a tree. and a curb.. Shell stop.. Shell stop.. wait.. shes not stopping. nope- The bushes will stop her.NOPE.over the bushes and curb. Tyler, Laurie and I are just standing there with our mouths gaped open, legs crossed (trying not to pee our pants), and minds just BOGGLED by what had just happened. Skeet finally decides to stop after spinning sideways in the parking lot for a bit. Im laughing SOO hard I can hardly stand up. Jaz picks her self off the floor and starts apologizing. I cant help put bust out laughing. This truly is the BEST thing I have seen in a while! hha.. So after we pick my sweet lil Skeet up and dust him and Jaz off, I hear something *pppsssssss*.. yeah my tire popped and the rim is bent. there are a few scratches and bends Im sure. But it was worth the show! waahha.. I wish I could have recorded it! ohh man.. well pictures will be posted. Yes.


Trent & Emily Davies said...

So is poor skeet going to make it? Next time you know that if you are going to let someone ride your precious scooter you need to bust out the video camera first! Man I wish I had been there to see it myself!

Greg & Linds said...

Awesome! Love it love it love it. Seriously I'm sure I had to be there...but I was laughing out loud just reading about it.