Friday, July 11, 2008

Nort Da Kotah Eh?

YES!!! SO I was sitting at work and thinking of my chitins, when I got the BRILLIANT idea to check out plane ticket prices. Found a cheap one, booked it- and there I was.. In good ol' ND once again 4th of July weekend. It was awesome.

I was able to surprise my sisters and nieces and nephews with my presence. THey all loved it. I loved it!

There was a street dance, KTM Cycle Hut motorcycle show, live bands, bar hopping aka the DD for my friends, firework popping, kids in the street all hours, river going, chitlin hangin out with.. Oh man. I went the whole 9 this trip around. I loved it!

At the river my niece McKenna dropped part of her PB& good ol J sammich on her foot.. Seconds later I look over to her sucking her foot clean of the goooop. It was awesome. She DOES take after her aunt Crittle!

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