Friday, July 11, 2008

Kruit In the Butte

So today my sweet friend Jonathan got hom from his Alabamian mission! I was soo excited to see him! This kid and I were really good friends before he left. His momma called me last night as I was in class to let me know that she was putting together a BBQ for when he was to return home.

I freakin tried to get off work early, but got put on some crazy business. I had hella work todo and it was coming close to time for me to leave. Well I left 2 hours later than planned, but when I got over there it was SOO worth the wait. It was like he had never left! He came up and gave me the biggest hug. We stood and joked and laughed for a while, then friends and family started to come so I sat and just ate (for the 3rd time in the last 2 hours). Then I chatted with his family for a bit and took off.

It was SOO good to see him and his family again. Im excited and cant wait to actually hang out with him again soon! YES!

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