Sunday, May 16, 2010

may day

This week has been pretty good.. I was ssoo glad i was able to phone my mommy and 6 out of 7 sisters!!! it was soo good to talk to them! AND i was able to hear baby Calvin for the first time!!! and hear baby Ej- ssoo cute.. i wish you all a happy mothers day! ESPECIALLY YOU EMILY FRAME!!! ugh. i need to talk to you..
well- me and my companions did a lil musical number at a baptism.. it was really good! i have a pretty... not so good, voice- but it didnt sound too bad! S drake and I sang "the olive tree" and s. hope accompanied us on the piano. loved it! i LOVe that song- if you havent heard it- please look it up and hear it- the piano is sssoo beautiful for it! E. riding was saying something in the talk he gave- he was talking about why people go to different churches- because their parents and their parents parents went.. because its close.. because its convenient.. well- if you think about it- its just like school.. you go to the BEST school (for what you want to get out of it). if you want to get the best education in a specific study- you go to the school that has the best program.. you dont go to the school because your parents went there. you dont go because its close nor do you go because its convenient.. you LOOK around- and you go to the best school for what you want.. just like churches.. if you want to have fun and play games- just looking for a good time- you go to that church.. if you want TRUTH- you go to the church Christ Himself organized.. I love that.
We had a lesson with my favorite investigator.. we were talking and we had her think of what and how her life would change if she was a "mormon".. she named 6 things.. 1. she would have to go to 3 hours of church on sunday 2. she would have to change her wardrobe to be more modest 3. read scriptures daily 4. have cleaner language 5. earnestly pray 6. maybe hear some persicution from friends/family members.. I asked her what she would gain- if anything for those things she would be giving up.. she said- faith in God and "i could be as happy as you sisters say you are".. i asked her then if she thought we were fake.. she said no..she said she can tell we are truly happy- even after walking around getting rejected for HOURS at a time.. she said that that is something she wants and there HAS to be more in life.. a lil background on this girl- she is a VERY happy young lady.. she knows how to have fun and is very silly- and easy going.. she reminds me a LOT of what i was like a few years ago.. but its interesting that she notices and desires to have this 'happiness' we have.. so i asked her to really think about it.. what would she be giving up and what would she be gaining.. then make a list and think- is it worth it? some things in life are worth it.. some are not.. ive noticed in my own life when i do that- make a list of 'pros and cons' (thanks to mom), i find what i truly want nad what is truly best for me.. (of course also add prayer in there).. things take work and require more of us are things that end up meaning more in the end..

I will challenge all of you to make a list.. pros and cons.. what would you have to give up and what would you gain out of living the gospel! im not going to lie- ive had to do it before! many of times.. i had to give up a LOT .. friends, habbits and lifestyles, PRIDE.. but i did it because i KNOW its worth it and the end is far greater than what ive given up! i do neeed to go but please all of you think of it.. whats most important to you.. what are you getting and what are you sacrificing..
i woudl love for you to all read 1 nephi 2.1-4 then jacob 7.7-14
k better go! love you so much!
love sister horning

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