Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 New Year Message!

Hello Hello 2010 here you are! Well this update from the North has to be short.. but hopefully just as sweet.. We had a week of helping opportunities! i love it. We were driving to an appointment and wed gone the wrong way, so we had to turn around- we saw a van in the middle of the lane stopped- teh man, Yosif, couldnt get his car to start- so S. Price and i park and RUN (in our buddled clothes and skirts), to his van and help him push it to the side lane out of traffic... he was so greatful! he said hed been there over 10 minutes and didnt know what to do! bless his heart! the Lord allows us to help others when we are open to find those opportunities! NEXT we were able to volunteer at the nursing home here.. I LOVE the residents! they are hilarious- ive met some of my new best friends there.. There is a lady Dorthy- shes a HOOT.. she strolls around and just CRACKS jokes and hilarious comments.. were pals for sure.. we are going there weekly for a few hours to chat it up with the residents- i think we enjoy it more than they do! haha.. THEN we were contacting for a minute and ran into Chris.. we noticed he was moving or something, so we asked to help- he said "yeah if you can help clean the place".. so we told him of course thats what we were wanting to do! he and his sister and their friend had to be out of their home by 12 on new years eve and were frantically cleaning and moving their stuff out.. we came in and helped clean- hopefullly it was of SOME help.. they said they noticed missionaries like us before and hadnt talked to them.. but knew who they were.. so it was really good to be able to be of service to a few opeople.. i LOVE knowing that im just out here to serve.. just here to help others- no matter what they need thats what we do! what a blessing and opportunity! i love it.. THere are a few things ive really learned and that have hit me so hard this last week.. ONE.. there was a testimony by someone in our ward and they talked about people putting up walls- thinking that they are protecting themselves from others when in actuallity they are just isolating themselves and making yourself lonely and singled out.. we should be OPEN and let everyone in- this is when we find true love and friendship and TRUE happiness in others! i love that..
Something i was also thinking about was obeying the commandments. It says so many times in the scriptures- "if you love me keep my commandments".. I was thinking this morning what that meant.. of course we love Christ and our Heavenly Father.. why would they ask/say that!? but then i got to thinking.. who do i TRULY love.. my parents.. a few select friends.. and why do i love them.. what doesw it mean to love them.. what makes them different than other people i care about? well here are a few reasons and attributes about the people i love.. i have a HIGH respect for them. i want to be like them. i TRUST them and what they say. I want to be around them and know more about them.. This is how we should view Heavenly Father and Christ. If we truly love them- we will trust them and what they say. we will listen to them- OBEY them. i think of a young brother/sister and a sibling that is just a few years older than them. the older one can ask the younger to do anything- get me a drink, give me your candy, go in the wishing well and get out money (sorry Breaann for being bad!).. and they will do it. they dont ask- they just do it because they look up to the sibling.. they love them and KNOW (if the older sib is not naughty) that the older sibling has their best interest. We need to "be submissive as a child" and listen. Heavenly Father loves us all so much and he always wants whats best for us..He KNOWs whats best for us- we just need to trust in Him. bah.. anyways.. i better go. BISHOP and WARD- how are you donig as to brining people to church and ativities? i hope you are all inviting others to come closer to Christ! k. i love you all and thank you all so much for all your love and support!
Take care! love you!
Sister HorningN

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