Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Heres one for the team

Doin the Riviera thang

So Lifes great. It rALLY raLLy is. I find myself going and hanging out with people other than my cat, brother and sister in law. Thats how you know I found people that really matter to me. I used to find myself hanging with a bunch of lameos- people that wouldnt bring ANYTHING to the table.. pretty much a bunch of parasites. Now im chillin and spillin with some cool kids.. Thank you to them and their mothers.

And my dearest nephew Reese Bennett come out this last weekend. it was SOO chill! We went swimming, played games,scat-boarded, floated the rivski.. painted the town on Skeet. I loved it. Bless that little tattooed boys heart- hes back in ND- where nothing goes on but drug busts. UGH. Lets hope he moves out here soon.

So this is me trying to keep up with this online crap. its not working too well. Ill continue to try.

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belekartcher said...

lets be friends and go to lunch again.