Thursday, June 7, 2007

good days

Sooo.. i Finally found a skate shop!!! ohh yeah.. called Division East- if you ever get a chance, check it out... umm i got hooked up with a nice set up AND got one of the guys numbers! ha ha!!

last night i went to the fall out boy/+44 concert.. It was freakin kill!! too bad noone went with me!? eh it was still fun.. Im in love with Travis Barker by the way!!

ok.. so i FINALLY went on the train totally by myself-i planned the trip.. well as much as i knew how to.. and on my way home the ticket guy on the train said i had 4 minutes to board a different train so i could make it to South Orange.. WELL.. i got to the train station and ONE guy was there!! oh goodness.. the last train was at 11:59 he tells me.. well it was 1 am.. so i deffinately missed it! BUT there was another guy going to South Orange.. and he said i could get a ride with him.. so thankfully he was having a friend pick him up so id have a ride! well.. we talked and waited for his friend for about 2 hours.. then finally got home.. it was alot of fun! reallY! it was a blast.. maybe not a smart idea to get a ride with total strangers, but eh.. i didnt have a bad feelilng about it.

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